What is WhitePaper? What does White Paper mean?

Meaning of White Paper

The term White Paper actually represented the documents issued by British Government but later reformed and used by business houses as a part of their authoritative documents to put their perspective and views on particular business issues. So, it is basically a document issued by the concerned party in order to present their views on some specific issue with the aim to convince the readers on that subject matter. That’s why WhitePaper clarifies the issues to the viewers and influences their decisions on the related subject matter.

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There are three types of commercial White Papers in practice, first one is backgrounder which highlights the technical aspects and business benefits of the specific offering of the company. The second one is numbered list which highlights the questions, tips or points of the specific offering of the company or any business issue. The third one is problem/solution which offers the new and enhanced solution to some particular business problem and challenge.

The White Paper is also like a sales guideline of business entity which illustrates the persuasive and factual evidence of the subject matter i.e. meaning, purpose, pricing, procedure, promotion and persuasion of the specific product, service, methodology or technology of a company. White Papers are prepared in academic style with factual information rather than with some flashy information like in other marketing presentations.

So, White Paper represents the marketing or sales tool of a company prepared for the promotion of their company business to the customers as well as partners or investors in order to persuade them in the business.

White Paper is also the form of content marketing which encloses contents which are designed to convince the readers with their products and services. The contents are prepared in such a way that the facts, case studies or research and logic presented in there completely favor the sponsoring company and offer no other alternative for selection.

However, we can find lots of White Papers on the internet published by different companies in order to get visibility in search engines. Such White Papers are completely focused on showing the superiority of sponsoring company over the other competitors. Thus, these sponsored contents are made with the intention to increase the web traffic to the sponsoring company in order to boost the sales of such company.

B2B White Paper (Business to Business White Paper) is prepared between the two parties i. e. wholesaler and retailer to show that the offering of one party is superior to address some specific business problems or challenges of another party.

Such commercial White Paper presents research findings, business case studies, technical aspects, business benefits, questions or tips on the related business issue to create trust among the people towards the sponsoring company as well as to create the leadership of such company in the market.

White Papers are also issued by the government to present their policy preferences and legislation. Or Government White Papers are the government documents which announce their policy and also used to determine the public viewpoints and reactions.

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