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Dollar Tell Review

The bitter truth is that DollarTell is also just another series of scam company opened and operated by the same group of a scammer who is intended to scam people with a similar type of various websites since very long time. They claim to pay a huge amount on very simple tasks to attract more people to their website. But once they are done with scamming, they just shut down the business and never appear with the same website. If you want to know more about this company then go through our detailed DollarTell review as below.

DollarTell payment proofs are fake. DollarTell complaints. DollarTell legit or not?

What is DollarTell and what DollarTell.com offers?

Dollar Tell offers to pay $10 for a single click the affiliates get on their referral links from social media like Facebook and other websites. They need to share the links in such platforms and when they get the clicks on such links, they earn $ 10, as simple as that but here they will make money only in the system yet not in reality because they will not get paid any money at any point of time. And how can a company pays so much when they don’t have any real product or any real source of income? How can they sustain in the market in long run with this kind of bogus business strategy?

Why is Dollar Tell a scam company?

DollarTell is registered without providing any details of their owner or the operator and the company’s official address on both their website as well in their WHOIS details. Why do they need to hide their identity if they are legit? We are very clear with the fact that if the company is running legitimately, then they never hide their information from the public. So, they are doing this because they are the scammer as we have stated above. Their intention is very clear, just to cheat people by any means.

Besides this, the company has made many payments claim to show that they are paying. But the reality is that all these claims are absolutely bogus without any substantial evidence just to entice people in their website. Rather we can see lots of complaints about them in the forums. Instead of making payments to the affiliates, they will assign some additional tasks like doing surveys/offers, to get the payment. And such tasks always need money upfront from the affiliates’ part. So the company will earn from this additional tasks also. Now, do you think they will pay after doing such tasks? No, never because if they are really willing to pay then why they need to add unnecessary tasks and rules to the affiliates even after reaching their so-called cash-out limit? The affiliates will just run out of their money, that’s all.

They also ask you for your personal details like your email address, payment processor details, credit card details etc. which they will sell to the third parties in order to make money for themselves. They also display the advertisements on their website and earn money from that.

The same group of the scammer is doing the same pattern of scamming through different websites time and again. All of their scam websites have the same website details, themes, business model, scamming pattern etc. and only the difference is their websites’ domain name. This scammer always uses one of these five types of website themes for all of their scam websites i.e. the website themes of DollarTell.com or EarlyJobPay.com or PokeLazy.com or DollarJob.Site or DollarinPocket.

Some of the scam sites which we have found that belongs to the same group of scammer are MyPayPot, SuperJobs, MyPayStuff, EarningHabit, DollarsTeller, NightJobOnline, WeeklyFixPay, BucksTip, DollarJobSite, BucksTip, DutyKid, DutySet, WeeklyYouthPay, DollarsPlug, DollarJobOnline, DollarInPocket, DollarSaw, DutySpace, DutyTrend, DollarsJet, PayChair, and many more. Many of these sites were already closed after scamming people and many of them are still running in order to scam people. And it is very obvious that they will continue scamming people unless and until people will be more conscious on their online work companies selection or any concerned authority willing to take the action against them.

What we finally say?

This company is making money from their affiliates in different manners but not paying anything to anyone. We think this fact is more than enough to prove that this company is utterly a scam one.

We strongly suggest you to look for the basic information as well as the comments available in the forums about the company you are picking for your online work. This will help to figure out their reality and you can escape from being scammed.

So, now you are clear what is Dollar Tell about through our DollarTell.com review as above. However, if you still want to add your own Dollar Tell reviews or want to report something about DollarTell, then please feel free to use our comment section below.

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