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Welcome to de-reviews.com.

This website is founded by Suman Roka who is one of the experts in online business research. He is working online since 2009, and he launched his first website in 2014 from which he started to reveal the scams as well as guide people to make money online in a legit way. He has saved millions of people from getting scammed by showing the real face of scams before those scams even get a chance to deceive people. So, doing online research from 2014, he has now become pretty much expert in online research works and to do the reviews on anything by collecting data online. However, his other team members include Zhang Long, Pooja Ghimire and Prince Sangraula who are team members of this website “de-reviews.com”.

Suman Roka DeRoka | De Reviews

Suman Roka (DeRoka)

Working with Suman Roka since 2014, Zhang Long has also gained plenty of knowledge in doing online research and reviews. Zhang Long is from Guangzhou, China and he is operating this website from there with additional 3 staffs. Suman Roka is born in Nepal, working from India and China and travels in between India, China and Nepal as well as in other countries on a frequent basis.

Zhang Long | De Reviews

Zhang Long (Ditiea)

Pooja Ghimire voluntary works for us. Pooja Ghimire is from Kathmandu, Nepal and she is a bank manager by profession, which makes her an expert in checking the online business related contents.

Pooja Ghimire | De Reviews

Pooja Ghimire

Prince (Aayush) Sangraula is a voluntary adviser for the contents related to “Health” category of our website as he is a medical student. So he is an expert in “Health” related topics. Prince Sangraula is from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Prince Sangraula | De Reviews

Prince Sangraula (Aayush)

Suman Roka is the key person of this website. Suman Roka handles almost all part of this website. As we have mentioned before, he is an expert online researcher in all the topics, so he can review in any subject matters. Though, he always takes suggestions from other team members who are expert in their own field.

DeRoka Suman Roka | De Reviews

Suman Roka (DeRoka)

The technical part of our website is fully handled by the Wealthy Affiliate, however, Suman Roka also handles some technical part of our website. If you also want to make similar kind of website like ours and want to learn the strategy to make money from your own website in your own subject of interest, then you can also join “Wealthy Affiliate” by clicking this link:- wealthyaffiliate.com

If you want to know more about the founder Suman Roka, also known as DeRoka, and about the co-founder Zhang Long, also known as Ditiea, then you can follow them in their respective social media accounts as below:-

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