About Us: De-Reviews.com Expert Team

Welcome to de-reviews.com! Founded by Suman Roka, also known as De Roka, our team of experts specializes in reviewing online sites and apps to uncover scams. What sets us apart is our genuine expertise. Let us delve into what we do and what makes us experts in the field.

Our Expertise

Back in 2009, De Roka embarked on his online journey, encountering numerous scams. So to combat this, he dedicated himself to researching online work and investment opportunities, ultimately sharing his experiences on his first website, NewsOnlineIncome.com, launched in 2014.

While immersed in the online realm, Suman Roka uncovered various scams, ranging from deceptive text messages to fraudulent online stores. Motivated to expose these scams, he began documenting his findings on his initial platform, NewsOnlineIncome.

As his investigations deepened, Suman realized the alarming prevalence of online store and shopping app scams, affecting unsuspecting individuals daily. Determined to intensify his efforts, he assembled a team comprising Pooja Ghimire, N.B. Roka, and others, providing them with specialized training to identify and expose these scams. This collaborative endeavor prompted the creation of a dedicated platform, De-Reviews.com, launched on September 18, 2016.

In essence, De-Reviews.com serves as a comprehensive platform, not only safeguarding users from scams but also enriching their understanding through the diverse expertise of our team members.

Our Motto

At De-Reviews.com, our main aim is to expose scams through our "Scams" category. And, if we have doubt on some online businesses, then we list them within our "Suspicious" category.

However, sometimes, we also enjoy discussing things beyond our primary focus, such as our hobbies and experiences, and post them within our "Useful Info" category.

While our primary focus is on revealing scams like online store, e-commerce, shopping app scams, text/email/message scams, and online work/business scams, our team members contribute diverse knowledge.

For example, Pooja Ghimire's extensive more than 15-year banking experience is not only utilized in exposing online scams but also in sharing insights on various investment schemes, including the disclosure of scam investment schemes.

Our team is also qualified for writing malware, adware and virus removal articles because with over a decade of online business experience since 2009, we've not only undergone extensive training but have also gained practical knowledge on effectively dealing with these digital threats.

That's why you'll find few different kinds of articles on our site. But, our central goal always remains uncovering scams, and the majority of our content revolves around that.

How Do We Work?

Our reviews and content are authentic and original. We conduct thorough research, distinguishing ourselves from copycat websites that replicate our work. With a commitment to quality, we ensure that our content remains unique and reliable.

How Do We Identify Scams?

We identify scams by monitoring ads on social media and various kinds of ad-networks. We check details like company address, parent company name, trust seal, social media presence, customer complaints, and, so on. When necessary, we even make actual purchases to test online shopping apps and stores.

And, due to our travels to different countries, we've chosen to share our experiences with the "Tourism Scams" category. We recount stories from our trips and gather insights from friends, family, and online forums like TripAdvisor to help others become aware of scams in different places.

Industry Pioneer

We take pride in being pioneers in the review industry, providing researched articles by real humans with expertise in their fields. Our identification of patterns in scam sites, such as similar parent company names, address, contact phone numbers, product images, product details, policy pages, and so on have set a standard for other reviewers to follow.

Our Impact

With millions saved from over 40,000+ different scams, we continue to be at the forefront of scam prevention.

Our Authenticity

There is an army of sites that attempt to replicate our content, from topics to research work, which definitely highlight the authenticity and reliability of our work. This only reinforces our commitment to providing trustworthy information.

Protecting Originality

The proliferation of copied content led us to create multiple websites to safeguard our work. So, we are at the moment operating 3 websites and those are NewsOnlineIncome.com, ScamOrGenuine.com and De-Reviews.com. Whether it's NewsOnlineIncome, ScamOrGenuine or De-Reviews, our goal remains consistent: to spread awareness against scams.

Our Achievement:

We are proud to be a member of the Global Anti-Scam Association (GASA), an organization dedicated to combating online fraud and promoting ethical practices within the industry.

Meet Our Team:

Suman Roka

The driving force behind De-Reviews.com, Suman Roka aka De Roka, is an expert online researcher, adept at reviewing a wide range of subjects. He oversees various aspects of the website and values input from the team.

He is working online since 2009. Doing online research from 2014, he has now become pretty much expert in online research works to identify scams. He has already saved millions of people from scams. With plenty of online work experience, he can also easily spot and handle different types of adware, malware, and viruses. On this basis, he can also write articles to help solve such online threats.

Academically, he has done master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. And, he has also taken lots of online trainings related to Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Disruptive Strategy and so on from various platforms including reputable universities like Stanford Online. So, this makes him a highly qualified person.

DeRoka Suman Roka | De Reviews

De Roka is the key person of this website. He handles most part of this website, including some technical part as well. As we have mentioned before, he is an expert online researcher to identify scams. Though, he always takes suggestions from other team members who are expert in their own field.

De Roka is born in Nepal, working from Nepal, India, USA, and China and travels in between India, China, USA, and Nepal as well as in other countries on a frequent basis.

If you want to know more about Suman Roka (De Roka), then you can follow him in his Facebook page:


Pooja Ghimire

Pooja Ghimire | De Reviews

Pooja Ghimire is from Kathmandu, Nepal and she is a former bank manager by profession and worked specially in the areas like marketing, sales, research and analysis, investment, which makes her an expert in checking the online business related contents. Working with Suman Roka since 2016, Pooja Ghimire has also gained plenty of knowledge in doing online research and reviews.

Her long term involvement in banking sector and getting various kind of risk related trainings also helped her identify and deal with online threats like malware, adware, and viruses. So she can also contribute in writing article about combating such digital risks. She also manages the financial part of our company.

More Information about Pooja Ghimire can be found on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pooja.ghimire.1

Mahendra Sangraula

Working with De Roka since 2023, Mahendra Sangraula, has also gained plenty of knowledge in marketing, he now handles both online and offline marketing of our website.

This is the Facebook page of Mahendra Sangraula : https://www.facebook.com/mahendra.sangraula.1

Prince Sangraula

Prince Sangraula | De Reviews

Prince Sangraula is a voluntary adviser for the contents related to health topics on our website as he is a physician. So, he is an expert in health related topics. Prince Sangraula is from Kathmandu, Nepal. He has helped us to write articles like Conronavirus scams, Yakult Review, and so on.

N. B. Roka

N B Roka | De Reviews

N. B. Roka handles the comments and social media sections of our company. He is also highly engaged in research to find out scam ads.


As you know, many people work on our website, but we all use the same account, and we go by the name De Roka, also known as Suman Roka. This way, when you visit our site, it seems like you're talking to the same person every time.

We do this to make things easy for you, so you can always have a familiar experience. To keep everything running smoothly, we have meetings every day to discuss and share what we're working on and help each other out.

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Wishing you to have a safe and secure online experience!