What About MDC Survey Text Message? Scam or Legit Political Survey About Election Being Compromised?

Lots of people are reporting they have got MDC survey text messages recently. Those messages are asking them to do quick survey where they are asked to reply either 2020 election has been compromised by voter fraud or not. Few examples of such MDC messages are:

“Hi, I’m Britanny from MDC with a quick survey. Do you believe the 2020 election has been compromised by voter fraud and cheating? 1 No 2 Yes ReplySTOPToEnd”

“Hi, I’m Mary from MDC with a quick survey. Would you vote to re-elect President Trump if the election were held today? 1 No 2 Yes ReplySTOPToEnd”

So, what’s the purpose of such MDC political survey messages?

MDC Survey Messages Scam or Legit | De Reviews

It looks like maybe Trump or his supporter sending these types of survey messages to manipulate society since we can clearly see the main purpose of such messages is to make people believe that the election was compromised or at least to plant the idea in their heads that the election was compromised.

If you keep on receiving such messages, then after a few days maybe you will believe that the election was a scam and maybe Trump lost unfairly. So, these kinds of messages are just a mind game to change the thinking of society.

Now you know the reality of such messages. So, now it’s up to you either you should respond and follow such messages or not. However, you should know that nothing bad will happen if you just ignore those messages.

So, what do you think about such MDC survey text messages? Please write in the comment section below.

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