Tourism Scams

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Ayutthaya Travel Scams and How to Outsmart Them

Beware of Ayutthaya travel scams, such as "Minivan Misadventures, Misleading Transport Costs, Unauthorized Guides, Overpriced Boat Rides, Bait-and-Switch Tuk-tuks, Deceptive Souvenir Shops", and more. These scams can spoil your trip, but you can protect yourself by being aware and taking precautions. This article aims to keep you safe by exposing common scams and providing helpful[…]

Avoiding Scams at Underwater World Pattaya: A Tourist's Guide

Beware of potential scams when visiting Underwater World Pattaya. This article aims to provide a concise overview of prevalent tourist scams while also offering valuable tips for safeguarding yourself. Introduction Underwater World Pattaya offers a captivating underwater experience with its extensive indoor tunnels showcasing a variety of saltwater and freshwater species, including sharks, rays, arapaima,[…]