What is RR? What does RR mean? Meaning of RR

Do you want to find out what RR means, the meaning of RR? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here we are going to provide you the RR meaning, the RR definition. We will also talk about how RR is used in our daily conversations.

Can you figure out the meaning of RR from the picture below? Because the picture in itself represents the meaning of RR, but still there are other meanings of RR such as RR meaning in the email, RR meaning in the game, RR meaning in medical terms and RR meaning in online work and business industry. Ok then let’s help you out.

What is the meaning of RR?

The “RR” commonly stands for “RestRoom” which indicates toilets and bathrooms. So, RR means "RestRoom". Now, let's find out other meanings of RR.

What RR means What does RR mean email Definition of RR | De Reviews

The RR medical terms stand for “Roid Rage” which indicates the side effect of steroids. Steroids mean hormones that are used in stimulating muscles and bone growth. So if some person is doing steroids and suffering from its side effects, then they use RR word so as to refer the same.

One such example of using RR medical terminology is: My father was using steroids, but now he stopped as this RR is bothering him for a long time. Or I am really worried, what shall I do about this RR”

Another meaning of RR stands for “reborn” or “reset” in some game like Mabinogi where it is used for some MMORPGs, the private servers.

The term RR also means “Read and Reply” or “Reply Required” mostly used at the end of emails.

In online work and business industry, RR has a different meaning. The online work and business industry refer RR as "Rented Referrals" which means that company provides you the facility to rent the referrals within that company to earn commissions from the referrals.

OK, now you find out the RR meaning. So, now if you want to say or share anything about RR, the additional definition of RR, then please feel free to use our comment section below.

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