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Today we are living such a busy life that we even cannot manage to give some time to think about our happiness in life. We are most of the time in such a rush that our mind is always working and when mind cannot get rest and peace, the feeling of happiness is rarely generated. Most of the people have forgotten to live their lives with self happiness and in some cases even forgotten what can make them feel better or how to be happy with what.

how to be happy person ways to be happy with life tips on how to make yourself happy | De Reviews

We are by some reason compelled to get busy all the time first with our work, then with our family, then with our social life and so on. Our mind is always busy creating different feeling and moods in every situation, sometimes with good emotions and sometimes with terrible ones, which ultimately have huge impact in our way of living and our happiness. All these thoughts are simply states of our mind. This series never ends until we get retired or we get older with lots of experiences of ups and downs in life. Then we wonder what we had missed in our entire life. And we often come up with the realization that during our course of action in life, we forgot how to make life happy and failed to live quality life.

All the feelings within us are habitually generated from our way of living, thinking, our habits, our interests and inertia. So keeping ourselves positive and optimistic all the time in all manners can help to feel better and happy in our life.

What we need to understand is our mind set up and the control over our mind and emotions. Having said that, here we have just tried to wrap up some of the facts (not technical but very emotional ones) which can help us keeping ourselves happier in our busy and hectic life style but remember that happiness is something that inherits from our inner peace and our own perception of life.

how to make life happy ways to be happy in life learning be happy yourself | De Reviews

Learn to enjoy the life:

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it” said by Richard Bach. Find out what things can really give peace to your mind and what things bother us. Our happiness is in small things of life. So each moment is very special because once it’s gone, we cannot live that moment again. Try to be happy in smaller things of life without expecting bigger one.

Learn to control your mind:

We must understand that all these feelings whether it is our happiness or sadness, all these emotions only exist within our mind. So we need to control our mind if we really wish to free ourselves from all the difficulties. We must tell our mind that you cannot be right all the time, I know what you are thinking but I want you to think in different way. This will help you to generate positive feeling in yourself. Be involved in meditation at least for some time a day, this is a real help to control over your mind.

Be positive:

At some point of time, we all have to face ups and downs in life but what matters most is how we take it, tackle it and how we keep on going. Prepare yourself to face the worst situation but with positive and peaceful mind and you can feel the difference, all your difficulties seems to be going away making your path. Remember that for every problem there is a solution and in every difficulty, there is an opportunity.

Happiness within us:

We cannot control over every external situations. But we can control over our internal emotions and feelings to keep ourselves happy or at least keep ourselves away from being sad. Our happiness is just within us but we get so much involved in controlling the external factors that we forget to control our internal mind set.

Change your habit and attitude:

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam once said that “You cannot change your future, but, you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future”. So true it is. When you change your habits which are keeping you away from your happiness, you are in fact bringing more comfort and peace in your mind. And try to keep your attitude complement every possible situation. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

Change yourself:

“There is nothing permanent except change” said Heraclitus. So changing yourself over the time is like updating yourself. Don’t be rigid over the situation and learn to accept the changes. This really helps to keep you happy.

Accept the criticism:

We know that we are human beings and we also can do mistakes in life. The thing we think right may not be the same to the other. The way we perceive the things may not be the same way in others cases. And we may come up with lots of criticism in life. But accepting it with right attitude is what we can do to better deal with it. Your criticisms are your greatest sources of learning. This attitude will definitely help you feel better and happy.

Be honest to yourself:

This is also one of the key factors to keep yourself happy throughout your life. Don’t predict fake to yourself. You know what you are and what you can do and cannot do. Accept the pros and cons of your life. Try to be more honest with yourself. This will help to boost your confidence and bring improvement in yourself.

Love what you are doing:

Whatever you are doing if not matched with your expectations, you will not be happy in your mind. So do what you are meant to be doing. Don’t complain rather try to make things better or leave and start a new thing. Pele said that “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do”.

Value yourself and your relationships:

Here we like say two things: first learn to give time to yourself no matter how much and second learn to give time to your beloved ones. Because this is what matters most in your life. Your work come and go, your stress level is always there within the mind, but no matter what, you and your beloved ones are more important than anything else in your life. Single man cannot live the life happily ever. We all need to be surrounded by our near and dear ones and this is only possible if you value your relationship. Your strengths are your spirits. So learn to value yourself as you are the one who can really make the difference.

Be decisive in your life:

Our ancients said that “It is wise to take others opinions but making decisions yourself is wiser”. Exactly, many times we fail to do so which really makes us unhappy later. The consequences we face in life are the result of our decisions we made in life. So, no one can decide best for you rather than yourself. When your decisions are own, your mind set have relief. And you can keep yourself away from nasty thoughts.


tips be happy best ways to be happy way to happiness | De ReviewsKeep your smile throughout the day. As many says that happiness comes from inside out, but many other says that it also comes from outside in. A cheerful face with smile can be a great source of positive thinking and energy in you as well as others.


This is something you need to keep in yourself the entire life. Believe that good things are coming your way. There is sunrise after sunset, day after night. So, any sad situation cannot stay longer and time will heal your pain. Believe in yourself so that whatever comes in your way, you can prepare yourself to handle it. Your positive nature will definitely help to keep yourself happy.

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