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Who is Binod? What is Binod Comment? Why Many People are Commenting Binod on Social Media Sites? Binod Comment Meaning and Definition
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You may have found many people are commenting just Binod on several social media contents. You can find such content on the comment section of YouTube videos, TikTok videos as well as on other social media posts. So, you may be here to find out why people are commenting Binod, right? Well then, let’s find out what is the meaning of Binod, what is the reason people are commenting Binod and so on through this post.

The reality of Binod comments | De Reviews

Why are people commenting Binod or Binoood on social media sites? Who is Binod?

First of all, you should know Binod is a man with the name Binod. But, now you may think there are many people with the name Binod from ages before, so what is it so special now? Well, actually there is nothing special about it. This is just a simple trend or you can say prank to time pass.

This is how this trend started: A man with name Binod commented Binod on a video irrelevantly to the content of the video and that comment got 7 likes without a reason. Later, someone took a screenshot of that comment and posted that on a social media site. After that people feel that funny and started to share that screenshot and this is how the comment Binod started trending.

These days anything can be trending without a reason and Binod is one big example of such social media trend.

Do you need to be suspicious about the Binod comment?

Nope, you no need to be suspicious about it. People are commenting Binod just for a fun without a reason. So, if you also want to comment Binod anywhere randomly, go ahead without hesitation and be a part of a new trend.

It is always good to check the reality of the new social media trends before you follow the trend. So, we appreciate that you visited here and try to find out the reality of the comment Binod.

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