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What is Western Union About? WU Review

What is Western Union about? What is Western Union Money Transfer? What is the Western Union Company?

Western Union Money Transfer Review on its history:

Western Union (WU) was established long way back in 1851 by founder Ezra Cornell in New Work, United State, more than 166 years back (source: Wikipedia). Since then, they appeared to be a big brand in global money transfer or payment system. First name that came in people’s mind for global payment services is Western Union being a market leader. Western Union, an American based company has now global expansion of business all over the world over 200 countries and territories with more than 500,000 agent locations and over 100,000 ATMs and Kiosks transacting with more than 130 currencies globally. Read More

Top 10 Corrupt Country in the World

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This list, most corrupt countries in the world, is based on the Transparency International’s annual review 2016 which includes mix of government and business sources for its rankings known as Corruption Perceptions Index which ranks countries with a score from 0 to 100 where 100 means the most least corrupted countries and 0 means the highest corrupted country. Means those countries which have got less score, they are more corrupted. This data derived by taking into consideration the poor governance and weak institutions.  Anyway, none of the countries have got 0 Corruption Perceptions Index, but there is one country which has only got 10 Corruption Perceptions Index, and that is Somalia. Till 2015, Somalia was only getting 8 Corruption Perceptions Index, but at least it manages to get 10 in 2016. So, Somalia is the most corrupted country in the world and that is also from 10 years continuously. South Sudan has got 11 Corruption Perceptions Index to hold the position of second corrupted country in the world. After that North Korea ranks in third position with 12 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). And Syria in fourth position with 13 CPI and Yemen, Sudan, Libya are together in fifth position with 14 CPI. So, if you are looking for the top 10 corrupt country, then here we are providing you additional bonus, means the list of top 20 corrupt countries in the world as below.

The list of top 20 corrupt countries in 2016 are as below:-

The No.1 means the most corrupt country and CPI means the Corruption Perceptions Index. Read More

PS3 Meaning: What Is PS3? What PS3 Means?

Define PS3. Meaning PS3. Definition PS3.
What PS3 Means?

If you are looking for what does PS3 mean, the meaning of PS3, the acronym of PS3, the definition of PS3 the abbreviation of PS3, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the PS3 slang meaning, the PS3 definition, the PS3 acronym, the PS3 abbreviation as well as how this acronym PS3 is used over the conversations. Read More

How Many Calories in a Tomato

Calories in Tomato
Are you searching to find out how many calories does tomato have? Guess what, including the amount of calories tomato have, we are also providing lots more information about tomato here. OK lets first of all direct go to the topic and find out how much Calorie actually each kind of Tomato have.

The amount of calories in a Red Tomato:

The average red tomato can have upto 44 calories. If you cook that tomato without adding oil, then you will get same amount of calorie.  However plum and Italian Tomatoes only have 11 calories. The cherry red tomato which we  use for salad contains only 3 calories.

The amount of calories according to the different color of tomato:

Medium raw orange color tomato will have 18 calories, where as if same size tomato comes in yellow color will have 32 calories.  The green tomato may have around 28 calories. Read More