Honda WRV Review? Is It Worth To Purchase?

Well, before we jump into the conclusion either we should purchase Honda WR-V, it's better we first of all talk about its pros and cons and compare it with its rivals such as Ford Ecosport, Fiat Avventura, Toyota Etios Cross, Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai i20 Active, Tata Nexon and Renault Duster.

Well, first of all, let's talk about the pros and cons of Honda WR-V.

Honda WR V Review | De Reviews

Pros of Honda WR-V:-

  • Good looks
  • Good body build quality
  • Spacious Interior
  • Good Mileage
  • Good Interior

Cons of Honda WRV:-

  • Low pick up due to 1199 cc petrol engine for 1204 kg curb weight which only produces 89 bhp @ 6000 RPM power and 110 Nm @ 4800 torque. Actually, Honda should think to put higher cc on a big body than the Jazz instead of putting the same engine in a big body.
  • Overall pick up is good for diesel engine but it is not smooth. You won't feel diesel engine too much smooth and you will also feel the noise of the diesel engine in the cabin which ruins the feeling of having such level interior. However, 99 bhp @ 3600 RPM power and 200 Nm @ 1750 RPM torque for diesel engine can't be considered as the bad one for the body weight and dimension of Honda WR-V
  • Although the design of Honda WRV looks good, it is just an improved version of Jazz because lots of looks are similar to Honda Jazz

Now, let's compare Honda WR-V with its rivals.

Honda WRV versus Ford Ecosport New Facelift models

Actually, in this segment of cars, Ford Ecosport has improved a lot recently. The new Ford Ecopsort not only has new looks but newly developed engine known as a dragon engine, new features for each variant considering the demand of the consumers, good body strength quality and good pick up. The refinement of 3 cylinder petrol engine is done very efficiently so when you drive Ecosport, you don't feel it's a 3 cylinder petrol engine.

Ford Ecosport Vs Honda WR V | De Reviews

Ford Ecosport has now given the options for power and pick-up lovers in this segment. Those who love the power and pick up, they can now have 1497 cc petrol engine which produces 121 bhp @ 6500 RPM and 150 Nm @ 4500 RPM torque which is enough for 1220 kg curb weight vehicle. It still provides 999 ccs petrol engine in its S variant which is the 3-time award winning engine. However, some people feel power lag on its 999 cc petrol engine because it is a turbocharged system. So, those who feel power lag, now they have 1497 cc petrol engine option. Even the 999 cc petrol engine of Ecosport can produce more power than 1199 cc of Honda WR-V petrol engine. On the other hand, the diesel engine of WR-V is not so refined and feel noisy than Ecosport. So, considering the power of both cars, Honda WR-V definitely lose the battle in both petrol and diesel engine variants. Ecosport is definitely a winner here.

So, Ford Ecosport is an overall best vehicle in its segment now. The only drawback of Ford Ecosport is the backside cabin space which is less than Honda WR-V.

Honda WR-V versus Maruti Suzuki Brezza

Well, since Maruti Suzuki Brezza is only available in the diesel engine, so let's compare it with WR-V diesel engine only. Well, the quality of the diesel engine of both cars are almost the same and both diesel engines are noisy. You can feel the noise of the engine in the cabin of both Brezza and WR-V. However, we choose WR-V over Brezza due to the build quality of the car. The build quality of WR-V is definitely much better than Brezza in terms of body strength and interior material quality. Actually, the build quality of Brezza is most lower than any other car in this compact SUV segment. So, the Brezza will be our last recommendation although it is the highest selling car in this segment only due to its brand name - Maruti Suzuki, that's all.

Honda WR-V Versus Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Etios Cross | De Reviews

We are comparing Honda WR-V together with Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross because the build quality, performance, engine quality of both Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross are almost the same.

Actually, the build quality and performance of both Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross are very good but also we don't recommend these both cars and we suggest you go for Honda WR-V instead of these two cars because the sales volume of both Toyota Etios Cross and Fiat Avventura is very less compare with all cars in this segment. We don't know why people don't go after these two cars when these two cars have both good build quality and performance. Maybe people don't like the very fewer features offered by Toyota Etios or the looks of both Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross or maybe people afraid of little expensive body parts. However, the price of body parts of Avventura and Etios is not so high because these body parts are very well built so they need little maintenance. But the body part of Ford Ecosport is also good and build quality is also good, so maybe people neglect Avventura and Etios Cross due to their looks. If we purchase the car which is not appreciating by the market properly, then we will get a very less resale value of that car. So, although Fiat Avventura and Toyota Etios Cross are good cars, we choose WR-V over these two cars, and if you want the best build quality with good performance and safety is your first priority, then definitely Ford Ecosport wins the race in this segment. That's why Ford Ecosport also has good resale value.

Honda WR-V Versus Hyundai i20 Active

Hyundai i20 | De Reviews

The performance wise definitely Hyundai i20 wins the race as the petrol version of Hyundai i20 wins petrol version of Honda WR-V according to the good pick-up whereas the diesel version of Hyundai i20 is more refined. But, build quality of Honda WR-V is good than Hyundai i20 and Honda WR-V is a new model in the market whereas Hyundai i20 already looks the old boy in 2018. The sales of the Hyundai i20 is also declining day by day. So, there is a high chance that Hyundai will either stop producing i20 or completely makeover it. So, in this situation purchasing Honda WR-V is not so bad if we compare it with i20. However, if you want good pick-up and ride quality, still Hyundai i20 wins the Honda WR-V.

Honda WR-V Versus Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon | De Reviews

Tata has now changed, it is not like before. However, people still don't believe the products of Tata due to their failure models in the past. But, if we compare Tata Nexon with Honda WR-V, we definitely don't go after the brand name of Honda because here Tata Nexon clearly wins the race as per the design and performance. The body build quality of Tata Nexon is also good, almost same like Honda WRV, so why choose WR-V over Tata Nexon?

Honda WR-V Versus Renault Duster

Performance wise Duster wins WR-V but still, we don't think it is a good idea to purchase Renault Duster in 2018 due to its old look. The design of Duster is not competitive in the market due to which even its sale is declining day by day. So, it is better to purchase WR-V over Duster.


We don't think Honda WR-V is any wow package like it is claiming since there are two very good opponents in this segment, the first one is Ford Ecosport and the second one is Tata Nexon.

Ford Ecosport Vs Honda WR V | De Reviews

We are saying Ford Ecosport is first in this segment considering the build quality, ride quality, and engine performance. However, if we compare the price, Tata Nexon is also a value for money. But, if you want the safest car in this crossover and compact SUV segment with a good body build quality which even has passed the side impact crash test and frontal crash test with a good score, then Ecosport definitely wins this segment. Actually, the resale value and performance of Ecosport are also good. So, for us, Ecosport is the first one and after that Tata Nexon.

Honda WR V backside view | De Reviews

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