What is Blue Whale Game all About? Danger, Warning!

Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge, popularly known as Blue Whale Suicide Game was invented by Philipp Budeikin (self-claimed), a Russian guy who was a psychology student but was expelled from the university. He claimed that his intention to invent this game was to clean the society from the people who he thought have no value by provoking them to commit suicide through this game. He was later arrested and pled guilty for this act.

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Blue Whale Game is an internet based game in which a series of duties or challenges are given to the players during 50 days game period. When the players complete each task per day, then they are assigned with new tasks to be completed. The players confirm the completion of tasks by sharing the photos of their deed. In this way, when the players reach the final stage, the players are challenged to commit suicide, which the administrators called a final challenge. So basically the game is focused on challenges given to the players/participants by the group of administrators of the game. And on the 50th day of game, the group of administrators or the social media group creates pressure on players to commit suicide which results the players feel scared and unsafe with unbearable pressure and they commit suicide.

But it is still unsure that how the players direct to the game. Some say that the app is needed to be installed in the smartphones while the other says it can be accessed through the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where the administrators are connected to the interested people who ask for curator in such platforms.

The first few challenges are interesting as well as easy but as the players upgrade to the upper levels, the challenges become more panic and extreme, all these tasks are focused on self-harming and self-mutilation. Some of the tasks that are assigned to the players are waking up early in the morning or at unusual hours, listening to the certain genre of music or watching videos that are sent by the administrators or horror movies, climbing a crane, standing on a bridge or roof, poking a needle on player’s arm or leg, carving out specific phrase or shape on player’s skin etc.

Later the consequences of this game are exposed and found that teenagers are the real victims of this dangerous game. They took these challenges so seriously and finally committed suicide to complete the game. People, teenagers specially, from the countries like Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, United States, Uruguay, Kenya, Russia, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Spain are reported to become the victims of this game. About 130 suicides linked with this game in Russia with more than two arrests are reported. And there is still no confirmation about the existence of this game. Many countries have shown deep concern about this game and have initiated campaigns and movements against this game to alert and warn the people about the consequences of the game.

Actually, this post is to spread awareness so that people will know how much is Blue Whale Game danger. You can also take this post as a Blue Whale Game warning. Hope this post will help to save the life of people who may be going to become the victim of this game.

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2 thoughts on “What is Blue Whale Game all About? Danger, Warning!

  1. This is very scary. Who, in their right mind, would ever invent such a horrible game that encourages people to commit suicide. As a psychology student he should have created a game to DISCOURAGE people from committing suicide not encourage them. Not only should the guy be arrested, but his game should be taken down from the interenet altogether. I can't believe that you can just get this game like that. Is it possible that it is found on the Dark Webb?

    1. Still no one knows the main source of the game. Someone says it can be download as an app, other says they can find it in social media sites. It seems it can be found through multiple platforms. So, it is very hard to take down completely. So, we can only protect people from it by spreading the awareness about this game.

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