Paula Deen's Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway! SCAM

Paula Deens Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway | De Reviews

You can find various scam sites falsely claiming "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!". Example of such scam sites are:

  • Foodfusionfiesta
  • and so on

On these scam sites, they ask you to do some survey to claim your free Le Creuset. However, you need to pay for shipping fee though.

Check the screenshots below taken from these kinds of scam sites to find out the claims made by them.

Paula Deen | De Reviews's Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway.
Paula Deen | De Reviews's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!

NOTE: You may get similar types of such scams in several forms, misusing the name of other celebrities or brand. So, you can help us by reporting similar kinds of scams below in the comment section.

What is the motive behind these fraudulent sites?

These deceitful sites are in no way authentic ones from reputable companies or well-known individuals. Rather, they are carefully crafted by scammers with the sole intention of acquiring your personal info to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

These scammers might trick you into paying fees for supposed free products, claiming it's for shipping. But, you won't get anything and end up losing those fees. Moreover, there's a risk they could misuse your credit card details as well.

These scammers may prompt you to click on a link and provide your personal details on a fake website designed to look like a genuine one. They may also request that you call or message/reply to them. Using various tactics, they may trick you into sharing your personal info, such as by completing surveys and so on.

It is crucial that you refrain from following any instructions provided in such sites, clicking on any links, or downloading any files (if provided). Hence, the links or files shared in these sites may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can compromise the security of your device.

Therefore, before follow such sites, you should contact or verify the info through the official website and social media pages of the relevant company or individual mentioned in those sites. By doing so, you can confirm whether those sites are genuine or fraudulent.

What scammers do with your personal info?

Once these cybercriminals obtain your personal info, they profit by selling those details. In the case of acquiring your credit card info, they can even proceed to steal money directly from your credit card. Therefore, it is crucial that you never disclose your credit card info to them under any circumstances.

These kinds of sites might not be sent under the same company name, individual name or follow a standardized format. Scammers employ multiple companies and renowned individual names.

Therefore, we kindly request your assistance in reporting similar types of scams by using the comment section below.

Final Note on Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway! Scam

Now that you are aware of the reality behind these Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway! fraudulent sites, we encourage you to share your thoughts or report any similar scams you encounter. Please feel free to leave your comments below, as we aim to raise awareness about scams and protect innocent individuals together.

If you're looking for comprehensive info about a particular company, website, or online activity, our website offers a search box to assist you. Simply enter the name of the company, website, or online activity you're interested in and conduct a search. Alternatively, you can explore our website's homepage, where you'll find a diverse range of informative articles spanning various categories.

If you'd like to spread awareness about these scams, please feel free to share this post with your friends and family through your social media accounts.


No, there is not any genuine "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!" until now.

Is there any genuine "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!"?

What is the motive of these "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!" scams?

The motive behind these scams is to trick recipients into engaging with the scammer's content. By offering a supposed reward, scammers aim to entice recipients into clicking on links or completing surveys. These actions may lead to recipients sharing personal info, which can then be exploited for identity theft, financial fraud, or other malicious activities.

How can I protect myself from scams like "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!"?

To protect yourself from scams like "Paula Deen's Southern Kitchen Partners With Le Creuset For Cookware Giveaway!", it's essential to exercise caution and follow these steps:

  • Stay Skeptical: Be cautious of sites that offer rewards or ask for personal info. So, if an offer seems too good to be true, it likely is.
  • Verify the Source: If you find such sites, then verify the info by visiting the official website or social media page of the person or organization mentioned.
  • Never Share Personal Info: Do not share personal or financial info on such sites.
  • Report: If you find such suspicious sites, then report them to the concerned authorities. For example: FBIFTC, etc. or your country's consumer protection agency.
  • Use Security Software: Keep your computer and devices updated with reputable antivirus and anti-malware software to help protect against potential threats.

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  1. I was also given the chance to get the set of pots from the Paula Dean giveaway but I now see I was scammed on that too out of $9.96

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