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YW is the short form used by people while texting their friends which means “You're Welcome”. So, YW means “You are Welcome". Now you know the meaning of YW. But may be you are thinking why people need to text YW instead of “You're welcome”. Actually, it is not for the need. It is just to make things easy.

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These kinds of short forms started with internet era because when people want to type quickly using their mobile or PC devices while texting their friends and families, they started to use the short form of words to type fast and easy. So, they started to use the short form of many words like SLT means "salut or hello", OMG means "oh my god", LOL means "laugh at loud", TKS means "Thanks", TY means "thank you" and so on. So, while you are chatting and texting with someone, if they say tks, thanks, thank you or so on, you can reply them YW instead of “You're welcome” because YW has become very popular short form and many people understand it.

People often write short form of words to save time, to be quick, to response quickly and so on. Everyone is not fast at typing, specially typing in mobile devices. So, they use short form of words specially when they are chatting with their friends and families online using mobile or PC devices. However, those who are fast in typing, they also use the short forms to be more quick.

It is not a new thing to use the short form of words anymore. Even now short form of words become so general that may be soon in the future those words will be added in the dictionary.

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