What is Travel Visa?

Travel Visa is a permission or an authorization granted by immigration official of foreign country ie. Embassy, diplomatic mission or consulate etc. that allows the passport holder to visit their country, stay in there for certain time and leave that country, on certain terms and conditions. This visa allows entering to their country and staying there for prescribed time interval within specified constraints. This kind of visa is issued for business visit, transitory or tourism purposes etc. Visa is a sticker or a stamp that endorsed in the passport or travel document of the holder. It can be in the form of passport or a separate document or an electronic record of the authorization which are stored in computer and linked up with the passport number. Certain backgrounds like the reason for the traveling, record of previous visits, number of countries visited, financial security etc. are counted while granting this kind of visa.

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There are different types of travel visa:

  • Transit visa which is granted for transit purpose or going to the destination passing through that country. This type of visa is granted only for short period from some hours to 10 days.

  • Official visa is granted to the person who is working for their government or the representative of their country in the host country.

  • Immigrant visa is granted to a person who is immigrating to their country.

  • Visitor or short stay visa is granted to a person who is traveling for tourism, working holiday program, business purpose, medical purpose, or for pilgrims, artists, sportsperson and refugees etc.

  • Long stay visa is granted to a person who is going abroad for study (student visa), long term residency (residence visa), asylum purpose (Asylum visa) or temporary working purpose (Temporary worker visa).

In some countries, no travel visa is required as they have agreements with the certain countries that their citizen can visit or travel between or within those certain countries without a visa.

Some countries also grant "on arrival visa" arrangements which are provided before passing through the immigration after arrival at the port of visiting country. This type of visa is also called "Visa On Arrival" or VOA.

Some travel visa can also be granted by prior travel visa application at the country’s embassy or consulate. And in some countries one has to pass through the medical health checkups upon arrival as well.

Travel Visa depends upon the rules and regulations of each country, duration of visit, purpose of visit, type of visit etc. This type of visa has certain terms and conditions like the timeline for entry dates, limitation on duration of stay, limitation on visit or entry in their territories, prohibition against the employment over there, visa expiry date, number of visit they can make or type of visa i.e. single entry visa or double entry visa or multiple entry visa, re-entry permits, work permit and validity of visa etc. This visa can be cancelled at any time by the immigration official of foreign country upon their discretion.


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