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Here we are going to tell you about what does TBH mean, a meaning of TBH, an acronym of TBH, a definition of TBH, an abbreviation of TBH from which you will get to know the TBH slang meaning, the TBH definition, the TBH acronym, the TBH abbreviation and how this slang word TBH is used in text messages, social media postings, emails and verbal conversations and so on.

Can you guess the meaning of TBH from the picture shown below? Well, let’s figure out the meaning of TBH as below.

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So, then what is TBH? For what does TBH stand?

The slang word TBH stands for the short form of “To Be Honest”. Abbreviation TBH is used while texting, chatting, messaging, emailing, posting etc. to put person’s true opinion on something or when someone shows honesty over something. Sometimes this acronym TBH sounds rude and mean also while telling the truth relating to the context of the conversations.

Not, only that but TBH slang is used by the teenagers in the social media status to seek an attention of others in their false statements so that they can get comments, likes and popularity i.e. comment for TBH!! And they will write a complete lie statement in their status. TBH is excessively or overly used over the internet even in very obvious matters or in some kind of unneccessary matters which doesn’t make any sense at all. Especially in online video games, TBH is overly used which is in fact very annoying and senseless.

How TBH is used in the conversations?


A: The vacation was awesome, isn’t it?

B: I didn’t enjoy it much, TBH.


A: TBH, I am still not convinced about that project.

B: Ya…me too.


A: TBH, I am not happy with my pay.

B: That’s why I am also planning to shift my job.


Girl 1: That guy is super cool. I think he likes you.

Girl 2: TBH I don’t care.


X: TBH you are irritating me now!

Y: How rude. I am just trying to cheer you up.

X: But you are not. Just leave me alone.

Y: OK.


A: TBH you're looking awesome today!!!

B: oh really!!! Thanks.


A: TBH I think you look clumsy with too much makeup.

B: How mean you are!!!


A: How do I look in this dress?

B: TBH not that good. Actually not matching with your complexion.


Boy: I really like you a lot…TBH since I saw you in grade 7!!!

Girl: OMG really!!! I am also liking you. TBH!!!


A (Facebook posting with too much flaunting): TBH, Anny you are prettier than the prettiest!!! Never thought of being your choice.

(Now seeking comments and likes from the others and once get it from people, just give a damn the other day)


A: (in an online video game): I am just gonna beat you, TBH!

B (reply): hmmm!!! not really. TBH!

And so on.

The word TBH also refers “The Bloody Hell”


A: What TBH you think of yourself? You even don’t exist in my life.

B: Do you really mean that?

There are several other meanings of the slang word TBH i.e. Tomorrow Be Holy, Tight But Hole, The Black Hand, Truth by Heart, The B*tthole, Total B*tthole, To Be Had, Touch Big Homosexuals, Terrigal Brotherhood, Tit Bitin H*rny, The Black Horde, Tangled B*tt Hair, Twisting B*ll Hairs etc. So, this word TBH is used as per the requirement of the situation in the communications.

What do you think? Why did people start using abbreviate words?

Today's people feel more comfortable using the abbreviate words as they are easy to type in their devices like mobile, iPad, Laptop etc. The new generation is getting more addicted to the internet and nothing seems possible without it to them. They spent most of their time on the internet for different purposes. So, these types of slang words are easy for them to type and understand in internet conversations. They also feel updated and trendy using these slang words.

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