Remember August 27th It’s Important! What is Happening on August 27th? Why August 27th is Trending on TikTok?

You must be here because you may have seen lots of TikTok videos recently mentioning about August 27th such as “If this is on your FYP, congratulations. You’ve been chosen. Remember the date August 27th it’s important”. So, you may want to know what is really happening on August 27th, right? Well, then let’s find it out what is going to happen on August 27th and why TikTok is all about August 27th? Not only in TikTok but now people are talking about August 27th all over social media. So, let’s find it out why.

What is happening on August 27th? What is so special about August 27th?

What is happening on August 27, 2020? Why is August 27th so important? What August 27th mean? Why are people sharing about August 27th?

We don’t find any special thing that is going to happen on August 27th. But, we find out some few reasons and guesses why people sharing it and that may be as below:

End of the World?

Some people are sharing that August 27 2020 is an end of the world. But, this is a hoax, nothing real. You no need to be worried. There is not any proof or theory that says the world is going to end on August 27th. So, relax.

Political Reason?

When we searched in Google about August 27th, we find out Barack Obama was nominated for president by the Democratic National Convention in Denver on August 27, 2008. So, those who are waiting to vote their favorite leader in the upcoming election in the USA, they may want to indicate their support to some political party by sharing this date. Those who don’t want Trump to win the election, they may be doing it. But, this is also only a guess.

Other things that happened in August 27th:

In August 27, 1776, the Battle of Long Island began during the Revolutionary War as British troops attacked American forces who ended up being forced to retreat two days later. (Source: Well, we don’t think this fact has anything to do with this social media trending about August 27th.

In August 27, 1859, Edwin L. Drake drilled the first successful oil well in United States. Definitely this fact also has nothing to do with social media trending.

In August 27, 1989, the first U.S. commercial satellite rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, the Marcopolo 1. So, definitely this is also not the fact that can make such a huge social media trending.

Well, like this we searched several things that happened in the past on August 27, but we didn’t find anything special that had happened which can make such a huge social media trending about August 27th.

So, then what is special about August 27th? Why are people sharing it? Why is it trending on TikTok and other social media?

Aforementioned, Answer is simple. Nothing going to happen on August 27 2020.

People are sharing it to gain popularity on TikTok as well as on other social media. When people find out someone is sharing about August 27, then they may search about it. But, when they find out nothing has happened or going to happen on August 27th, some of them just relax while other make their own TikTok video and post to prank their followers and friends.

So, August 27th is just a viral thing without any reality.

So, don’t panic, nothing is going to happen on August 27th, 2020.

Nothing bad going to happen on August 27, 2020, it’s not the end of the world like some people are thinking. There is not any proof or theory which supports it is the end of the world. People are doing it just to make their TikTok video or social media post popular to gain some likes and followers. People are doing the same for the same reason on other social media sites as well.

For some people, this may be fun but we strongly suggest them it’s not a good idea to prank other and make them panic. So, we think August 27th is a social media trend that should stop now. What do you think about it? Write in the comment section below.

And those who are worried and panic, we suggest them to take it as fun and relax. You no need to be worried, nothing bad is going to happen on August 27, 2020. August 27 is a kind of scam to gain popularity but not to harm or hurt anyone. It is also for fun. So, you should not harm yourself by overthinking about it.

Hope for the best, Good Luck and Good Wishes!

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