What is the Time Travel? Will Time Travel be Possible?

Time travel means to travel in time, where one can travel in the past (backward) or in the future (forward) time period.

Albert Einstein Special Relativity theory, the space and time are really aspects of the same thing, space-time. For anything which travels through space-time, there's a speed limit of 300,000 kilometers per second. Light always travels the speed limit through empty space. When you move through space-time close to the speed of light, surprising things can happen, such as time can be slower for you than for the other people living in the earth. Let's assume if you leave the earth in spacecraft with speed of light and then only pass 5 years, then when you back to the earth, it can be 50 years because time slowly passes for you and even you will not notice that.

what is time travel will time travel be possible does time travel exist | De Reviews

Time Travel is a science fiction where it is assumed that one can travel in any period of time through time machine, which is again a hypothetical machine that is used to move in certain period of time.

The novel “The Time Machine” from 1895 derived the time travel concept which was later used in many movies as main theme where they show that people can travel in any point of time, either in backward or in forward time zone.

But the question is: is time travel possible in reality?

Is Time Travel really possible | De Reviews

This concept is very popular in fictional world which is derived from Albert Einstein quantum mechanics or wormholes. This has been the matter of interest since this concept came in limelight. Many researches were conducted in this topic and still going on. Even NASA is conducting regular researches regarding time travel. Einstein’s theory of general relativity also predicts that for objects in gravitational fields time passes more slowly than that of for objects far from gravitational fields. So near the black holes, where there is extreme gravitation, occur all kinds of space and time distortions which they call distortions in space-time. Einstein’s theory of special relativity shows that time passes at different rates for the people moving relative to each other where the effect becomes large when you get close to the light speed. This distortions in space-time is the result of both the general and special relativity. And still there is a question mark those distortions in space-time theory applicable for real objects or not. So researchers are using this theory to find out the possible ways of time travel through time machine device. General relativity with quantum physics suggest that any wormhole that allows time travel will collapse as soon as it will be formed. Whether it may be general relativity or theory of wormholes or any other theories based on real science, there is no as such evidence that time travel is possible or not till the date. Scientists have mentioned that forward time travel may be possible but with more researches need to be conducted to develop more advance technologies. But backward time travel still seems very difficult as all the time travel theories based on real science also do not give precision about backward time travel. One more thing researchers mentioned that time travel within theory of general and special relativity could be possible but advancing much more time not seems feasible with the current technologies. In a more narrow sense, one-way time travel into the future via time dilation is a well-understood phenomenon within the frameworks of special relativity and general relativity, but advancing a large amount of time is not feasible with current technology.

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  1. hi iam muhammed sameem iam from india i want to study about time traveling i want to solve all mystery in the universe i wanted to be a time traveler i think you know to time travel

    1. We believe if we can solve the mystery of the black hole, then maybe we will know more truth about Universe and who knows, maybe time travel will be also possible 🙂

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