What is MRW? MRW Stands for What?

Do you want to find out what does MRW mean, the meaning of MRW? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here we are going to provide you the MRW slang meaning, the MRW definition.

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No No! Don't go after the picture. We don't mean MRW means potatoes or fries. However, there is the expression in that picture which represents the MRW.

So, then what is MRW?

Well, then the MRW means "My Reaction When...". So, MRW is the short form of "My Reaction When..." That is why we have put such picture as above which shows the reaction of potato when it sees the fried cutting slice pieces of the potato (french fries). So, when people are texting, if they write MRW and then after that write something, means their reaction to that particular thing.

Now may be you are thinking why people use the short form of word instead of just saying "My Reaction When...". Well it starts while people texting their friends in order to type fast and easy. Everyone is not fast at typing the text using the devices like mobile, laptops and so on. So, they make the easy way by writing the short form of the words. However, nowadays short forms become so popular that people even start to use these short forms while talking, not only while texting because lots of people start to understand it.

So, now you find out the MRW meaning, the MRW acronym. But, some people also understand the meaning of MRW as "Most Recently Worn", "Major Reference Work", "Master Resume Writer", "Maximum Ramp Weight" and "Moderate Risk Waste". It depends in which and what kind of conversation people are using MRW and we can understand their meaning by observing the full conversation or sentence. But, commonly MRW represents "My Reaction When".

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