Review: Scam or Legit?

ThisCard800 complaints ThisCard800 fake or real ThisCard800 legit or fraud | De Reviews

Enroll.eHealthMedicare which is also known as ThisCard800 scam or trustworthy? You must be here to find out either is an Enroll.eHealthMedicare / scam or genuine online store, right? If so, then you can check our analysis on Enroll eHealth Medicare / This Card 800 including the ThisCard800 / Enroll.eHealthMedicare reviews posted by the customers in the comment section below to find out this "All in One Medicare Advantage" is really beneficial or not.

ThisCard800 complaints ThisCard800 fake or real ThisCard800 legit or fraud | De Reviews

Either is a This Card 800 / Enroll eHealth Medicare scam or genuine? What is

So what is Enroll.eHealthMedicare / ThisCard800 is all about? Is it a scam or a fraud company? Let’s talk about our observations:

  1. When you open, it redirects to ‘’ which simply means it is promoting its affiliation for commission like in Affiliate Marketing where the affiliate promotes others products and services and get a commission out of the sales through them. But This Card 800 claims that it has no affiliation to the later one and we could be wrong as well. Still, the doubt is why it is promoting someone else’s products and services if it is not the affiliate of the same.
  2. The company address they have mentioned on their WHOIS detail is 2625 Augustine Drive, Second Floor Santa Clara CA 95054 US and when we searched for it in Google Map, it is linked to eHealth Inc. which is the address of product developers/owners. When we logged on to, we found that they promote the products and services of other insurance companies and you can select the medical plans for yourself on their website.
  3. They have also not placed their contact details on the website.
  4. After filling the form and entering the zip code, you are logged in to and can select the medical plans. Now we have no doubt that this is the Affiliate Marketing business module and this is legal also as many are earning a good income from this business module.
  5. Since is a new site, we shall be more cautious while choosing this site. So we checked the website details and their owner’s information in WHOIS where we found that they are registered on September 4, 2019, and that is also only for one year. The question is why they registered for such a short period when they had an option for more. We have found that only small businesses register for a shorter period like one or two years so that they can be shut down if their business doesn't profit well. So shall we believe in ThisCard800?
  6. This Card 800 owner’s information is also missing on the website or within WHOIS but we cannot doubt this site just because they have not put the owner’s details because these kinds of websites have other site information rather than their own.

Some major complaints we found about ThisCard800:-

  • Once they get your contact no., telesales people’s phone calls are so irritating that they will call the customers very often like several times a day.
  • There is a complaint about the service of this company as well but since their sales strategy is aggressive, this is a common factor in online business.
  • Another complaint is that eHealth Insurance uses their affiliate who works from home to call the people for the sales of their products and services but not their company staff. This means that people may be doubting the reliability of such health products and even the company.

Our final verdict:

The above factors are not enough to prove that ThisCard800 is a scam company as its business strategy is completely legal and in practice. We have just tried to explain to you about their working module here in our review section.

Now you got an idea on how to check some online stores. If you find ThisCard800 / Enroll.eHealthMedicare has some of these faults (few we have already mentioned above), then you can share that with us by using the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “ Review: Scam or Legit?

  1. I heard from Social Security that you shouldn’t EVER give your Medicare number to anyone other than a health provider or pharmacy and of course the “ ThisCard800”service asks for it.

    1. What qualifies someone that's wanting to apply for this health coverage. I'm not on Medicare nor Medicaid, not even on social security yet, but I will be 59 yrs old in a couple months.

  2. the majority of all medicare advantage plans are scams. they tell you all the possible good things you can have with a medicare advantage plan, but very few people actually get any of the things they say. they lie in their TV ads and use disclaimers to make their lies somewhat legal to the FCC and Social Security. avoid these people. they are lying crooks.

  3. HI Deroka,

    I find this '' site really bizarre actually and I believe you have encapsulated the confusion.

    I have looked into the and yes they seem legit but its almost more like borderline-legit - perhaps?

    They appear to be causing significant confusion online also. Thanks De Roka for laying all this out for us. Much appreciated, Phil.

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