What is GOMD? What does GOMD mean?

Are you here to find out what is GOMD, the meaning of GOMD? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here we are going to provide you the GOMD meaning, the GOMD definition. Actually there are two meanings of GOMD, one is decent and another is vulgar. So, let's find out the both meanings of GOMD.

What is GOMD GOMD Meaning GOMD Definition | De Reviews

Can you guess from the picture as above the meaning of GOMD? Actually, this picture represents the meaning of GOMD in decent way. However, there is also vulgar meaning of GOMD about which we can't post the picture, but only can provide you the meaning.

So, then what is the decent meaning GOMD?

The GOMD means “Guy/Girl Of My Dreams”. So, GOMD is the short form of “Guy/Girl Of My Dreams”. So, now you understand why we have posted such picture as above? So, when people are texting, if they write GOMD and then that means they want to say he/she is girl/guy of his/her dream. Means the guy/girl of his/her choice, the girl/guy which he/she likes.

If your friend is texting you and if he/she says that girl is GOMD or that boy is GOMD, then he/she wants to tell you that he/she likes that girl/guy a lot and is his/her choice. Sometime to express love, boyfriend/girlfriend also use to say GOMD to each other.

Now may be you are thinking why people use the short form of words instead of just saying “Guy/Girl Of My Dreams”. Well it starts while people were texting their friends in order to type fast and easy. Everyone is not fast at typing the text using the devices like mobile, laptops and so on. So, they make the easy way by writing the short form of the words. However, nowadays short forms become so popular that people even start to use these short forms while talking, not only while texting because lots of people start to understand it. Some people feel cool using the short forms of words, specially teenagers.

Vulgar meaning of GOMD

So, now you have already find out the decent meaning of GOMD. But, people also understand the meaning of GOMD in completely opposite way and use it to express an anger in vulgar way or just to tease the friends.

The vulgar meaning of GOMD is "Get Off My D*ck". Sorry, we can't write the last word because we want to keep our website socially accepted in all regions. However, we are sure you have already understood it, right? If not, then you can use the comment section below to ask us the vulgar meaning of GOMD, but we can't reply you here in the comment, so leave your email address with your comment so that we can send you in email the vulgar meaning of GOMD, lol.

G.O.M.D. also represents the short forms of some words. Following are the GOMD acronym:-

  • Grid Operation And Maintenance Divisions
  • Generic Open Mosix Daemon
  • Glass And Optical Materials Division

So, now you know the meaning of GOMD. Since it has different meanings, so you need to understand it with the way people are having conversation with you.

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