Is YouTube from Google? Does Google own YouTube?

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The answer is “yes”. YouTube was acquired by the Google in November 2006 and since then officially operated by Google team.

But, at starting who founded YouTube?

YouTube was developed and founded in February 2005 by the three former employees of PayPal and those are Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen. Google pay $ 1.65 Billion to acquire this site. Now it has become the second most popular website in the world.

Does Google own YouTube? Is YouTube from Google? Founders YouTube.

So, now you know who is the owner of YouTube. Now let's find out more about it.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video sharing website where people can share their videos i.e. user generated videos and corporate media videos, for the purpose to share their videos with world, to be popular, to collect the audience as well as to earn money from the advertisements. Most of the videos in YouTube are free for viewing and you can upload your own videos for free by subscribing in it. But when it comes to YouTube Red service, one needs to pay for viewing the videos. YouTube basically earns from the Google AdSense in terms of advertising revenue.

Huge varieties of videos can be uploaded in YouTube which can be full movies, movie trailers, documentaries, music videos, games, educational videos, travel videos, tutorial videos, TV shows, audio videos, training videos, animation videos, video blogging, entertaining videos, recorded videos, video clips and so on. People can upload unlimited numbers of videos in it if they are the registered members or users of YouTube. In fact most of the videos in YouTube are uploaded by the individuals. The registered members of YouTube can upload, share, comment, subscribe to channels or videos, rate the videos with like and dislike, add to the favorites and report the videos of YouTube free of cost. Unregistered people can only view the videos in YouTube.

The interface of the YouTube website is available in 76 language versions and it has its own in-build web browsers to play the videos in your computer, laptop or mobile. Fifteen minutes long video can be uploaded at a time which can further extended to 12 hours long video if the users are long time users and follow the rules of YouTube thoroughly. Videos can be uploaded from laptop, computer or mobile phones and almost all video formats are accepted. Some of the videos that encourage criminal or terrorism activities, s*xual acivities, defamation, harassment and so on may not be accepted by YouTube. In some countries, some videos have been restricted due to the copyright restrictions or inappropriate content.

You can also make money from YouTube.

Corporate houses use YouTube as their key advertisement source because it has immense number of traffic in the website and they intend to reach the mass public through YouTube. Individuals hugely upload the videos in it considering it as a source of their income or business. YouTube has revenue-sharing program which allows individuals to earn money from the videos they upload in it. Whatsoever, YouTube has become the ultimate platform to view any varieties of videos in any subjects that simply exist.

Since October 2015, YouTube also offers “YouTube Red” subscription service where people can view ad-free streaming of all videos and have access to exclusive original contents, offline video playback on mobile devices as well as access to Google play music.

Since February 2017, YouTube also has YouTube TV, a subscription service which offers live streams of programming for monthly 35 USD. This service also includes optional services like receiving show time and Fox Soccer Plus and also can have an access to YouTube Red original contents.

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