What is BAE? What is BAE in texting?

Do you want to find out what does BAE mean, the meaning of BAE? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place, because here we are going to provide you the BAE meaning slang way, the BAE definition.

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So, then what is BAE?

BAE means “Baby”. So BAE is the short form of baby or babe which is pronounced by the one who is in relationship to represent the other. Or a person uses this word BAE to address his or her significant other or better half. When you say “I love you my BAE”, it means "I love you, my Baby". However, many people don't think it is nice to use BAE instead of Baby, but some people feel it very cool.

If you are thinking why not to say baby or babe instead of BAE, then BAE is used by only some people to show themselves cool, but many people don't like to use BAE because it also has other dirty meanings like BAE means Danish word for poop, and some people also use BAE as a short form of "Biggest As*hole Ever". So, many people don't like to use it to represent their better half. On the other hand, some people think it is very cool to say BAE instead of darling, sweetie, dear etc. BAE is highly used on the internet especially by the youngsters while texting their significant other in a way like, What are you doing BAE? I love you so much BAE. You are my life BAE. Do you want to go movie today BAE? And so on. Nowadays, short forms of words or slang words are very much used by the internet users which seem obvious because it is easy to type short forms in mobile keywords, iPads, laptops etc.

People also use BAE as a short form of  "Before Anyone Else" or "Best At Everything" or "Bacon And Eggs". So, when someone uses BAE while talking with you, first of all, understand what they mean by that by observing their whole conversation before you come to the conclusion.

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