What is IT? IT Meaning. For What does IT Stand?

We are mentioning here what IT means, a meaning of IT, an acronym of IT, a definition of IT, an abbreviation of IT from which you will get to know the IT slang meaning, the IT definition, the IT acronym, the IT abbreviation and how this slang word IT is used in our daily conversations.

Can you guess one of the top meanings of IT from the picture below? Yep, it’s a little bit hard to guess, isn’t it? OK then, let’s figure out what does IT mean as below.

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So, then what does abbreviation IT mean? For what does abbreviation IT stand?

The abbreviation IT stands for the short form of “Information Technology”. The term IT means the system i.e. computers or telecommunications or any other physical devices or infrastructure which is used for information and electronic data exchange, storage, networking, retrieving, securing etc. The word IT is self-explanatory when used in texting, chatting, messaging, emailing, posting or in verbal conversations.

The acronym IT is also the abbreviation for “The Institute of Technology” at the University of Minnesota.

The word IT is also used by a non-technical person to refer any issues related to computers, laptops, and technologies.

The slang IT also indicate “A Lover or A Crush” of someone.

The word “it” also refers the sexual organs especially of male and sex or crazy sex.

The word IT also means a person having asexual qualities which means one cannot define his or her sexual preferences.

The word "it" is used to specify that person whose gender cannot easily be identified i.e., transgender.

IT also refers a woman who provokes a man.

“It” is also a scary book and also a movie, which is a story by Stephen King about seven kids and a creepy Clown, a creature that lives under the small Maine town of Derry that kills kids.

The word "it" is generally used to specify some object or a person whom you don’t like and value.

How is the word IT used in the communications?

Some of the examples of how the slang word IT is used in the conversations are:

A: Hey what do you do?

B: I am an IT professional.


A: I am having a problem with my internet.

B: That IT guy can help.


A: Oohhh man, my laptop is getting too slow.

B: Maybe some IT problem?


Boy 1: I think she is IT.

Boy 2: Are you sure?


Boy 1: I want to do it with that hotty.

Boy 2: Go for it man….it’s your day today!!!


Girl 1: He is so good looking!!!

Girl 2: Ye…but he is IT. Don’t know what’s his preference? Never saw him with anyone.



Boy 1: Your friend is so feminine.

Boy 2: IT !!!


Boy 1: She is giving me an IT man.

Boy 2: Lucky you man!!!


Tom: Let’s watch a movie today? Maybe “It”

Anna: Noooo way!!! Let’s watch “Cars”.

What do you think? Why did people start using abbreviate words in their conversations?

Today’s people feel more comfortable using the abbreviate words as they are easy to type in their devices like mobile, iPad, Laptop and so on. The new generation is getting more addicted to the internet and nothing seems possible without it to them. They spent most of their time on the internet for different purposes. So, these types of slang words are easy for them to type and understand in internet conversations. They also feel updated and trendy using these slang words.

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