What is \O or O/? What does O/ Mean? O/ Meaning

We are mentioning here the details about what \O means or what O/means, the meaning of \O or O/, the definition of O/, the acronym of O/, the abbreviation of O/ from which you will get to know the \O or O/ slang meaning, the \O or O/ definition, the O/ acronym, the O/ abbreviation and how this slang word \O or O/ is used in text messages and emails.

Can you guess the meaning of \O or O/ from the picture below? Well, the given picture is clearly showing its meaning. Now, let’s figure out the meaning of \O or O/ as below.

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So, then what is O/? For what does \O stand?

The slang word \O or O/ stands for the short form of “High Five” which is done by raising the cross hand up of each one to do high five.

\O or O/ is used while texting, chatting, messaging, emailing or posting to say “hi or hello” .\O or O/ is waiving a hand in the air to say hey or hai or hi.

\O or O/ is used even to express one’s pleasure like “hurray or ehhh”.

\O? is the sign of getting confused over something.

How is \O or O/ used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word \O or O/ is used in conversations are:

X: \O (hi)

Y: O/ (hello)


A: We win the game. \O (excitement like hurray)

B: \O (High Five)


A: Finally we did it. \O

B: ehhhh…\O


A: Hey man!!! How u doing?

B: O/…just cool man!!!


X: We will be finishing this task by tomorrow. Do you get me?

Y: \O? (confused)

What do you think? Why did people start using slang words in their conversations?

Today people feel more comfortable using the abbreviate words as they are easy to type in their gadgets like mobile, iPad, Laptop etc. The new generation is getting more addicted to the internet and nothing seems possible without it to them. They spent most of their time on the internet for different purposes. So, these types of slang words are easy for them to type and understand in internet conversations. They also feel updated and trendy using these slang words.

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