Florida Home Run Meaning. What Florida Homerun Means? What Does Florida Home Run From American Housewife Show Mean?

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You must be here to know the definition of Florida Home Run. “Florida Home Run” phrase becomes popular from American Housewife Show. Well lets know what it stands for.

So, then what is Florida Home Run?

As per Urban Dictionary, the Home Run phrase means: "To accelerate through first base (kissing), onto the second base (heavy petting) to third base (oral) and finally coming around to home plate (intercourse)."

You should know in the American Housewife show, they are not talking about baseball but the relationships which make sense if you follow what is written in the brackets as above in the Home Run definition.

Now you know what Home Run means. But, they used the phrase Florida Home Run instead of only Home Run in the show because the character Katie is from Florida in the show.

However, if you know other meanings of Florida Home Run or want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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