Is Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile Text Message Scam Or Genuine? Review

Have you got a Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile text message and want to find out either is it a scam or legit message? If so, then you are in the right place. You should know there is a genuine Kroll Settlement, but some people have also reported that scammers are using this opportunity to send Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile scam text messages.

Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile message is legit. The genuine message has been sent to those people whose information was compromised in the 2021 Mobile Data Breach with a link to website It is supervised by Counsel, controlled by Kroll Settlement Administration, authorized by Court. So, is the only website authorized for this T-Mobile Data Breach Settlement case.

However, if you have got the similar kinds of Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile text messages with a link to different websites other than, then you should know those kinds of messages are fraudulent ones.

Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Text Message Scam Or Genuine | De Reviews

What is the motive behind the fraudulent Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile Text message?

Aforementioned, if you have got Kroll Settlement message with other links than, then that must be a scam which is sent to get your personal information so that they can scam you. They may ask you to click some link and submit the personal details on the fake website posing the real ones or call them or message/reply to them where they will trick you to submit your personal details. So, you should not follow any instructions provided in those kinds of messages or click any link or download anything (if provided any). The links or files provided in those messages may also contain some viruses or malware or spyware that can hack your device as well.

So, if you get confused about the legitimacy of the messages that you received, then it’s better you contact or check on the official website of the respective company (in this case you can contact to confirm either the messages you received are real or fake ones.

Once these cybercriminals get your personal information, they make money by selling those details. If they get your credit card information, even they can steal money from your credit card.

Final Verdict:

So, Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile messages with link is not a scam but with other links are scams. So, please feel free to report in the comment below if you find any suspicious Kroll Settlement Administration T-Mobile messages.

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These days there are lots of fraudulent emails circulating around. So, we suggest you confirm everything before you follow any instructions provided on any messages.


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