What is B-Town? B-Town Meaning. B-Town Definition

If you are looking for what does B-Town mean, the meaning of B-Town, then your search ends here because here we are going to provide you the B-Town slang meaning, the B-Town definition. B-Town is also written as Btown or b-town or B Town or b town.

So, then what is B-Town?

Actually, there are several meanings of B-Town, so let us explain one by one.

The term B-Town is the nickname of “Bloomington, Indiana”, the Western East Coast, where Indiana University (IU) is, the premier party schools in the world, also known as the Hoosiers. IU is the place where you can find the young hot girls who are damn ready for parties, drinks and more. These young women attend the IU in expectation of getting job and freak out lifestyle. B-Town is the place where there is a combination of townies and IU college students. Most of the students attend Jakes, sports or anywhere on Kirkwood. IU Basketball is something everyone liked about. Real Assembly Hall is quite famous for playing Duke and UNC. Local people are named as Cutters (who cut limestone for a living).

B-Twon Meaning, BTown Definition, Define B-Town, B-Town Abbreviation, Bloomington, Indiana.

The area is full of bars, office lounge, and the Vid. Some of the famous places in the town are Nick’s English Pub, Little 500, Pizza Express, Kilroys, Foster Quad, McNutt, Brisco, Real Assembly Hall, etc. In springtime, from the end of March through graduation, Happy Hour starts in which students just enjoy the life in bars and parties.

B Town is also the acronym for Berk-Town pointing Berkeley, the east bay area of the town, Northern California, U.S.A. B Town is known for the University of California.

Another city termed as B-town is Brampton, Ontario, Canada where all people are brown and so also called Brown Town or where notorious Springdale hood resides.

B-Town is the true slang word for Brentwood, Essex, U.K.

Actually, this term B Town is used for those cities or towns, whose name starts with B i.e. Bothell, Washington-USA; Boynton Beach, Florida-USA; Burlington, Vermont-USA; Belton, Texas-USA; Brevard North Carolina-USA; Brookings, South Dakota-USA; Boston, Massachusetts-USA; Baton Rouge, Louisiana-USA; Bremerton, Washinton-USA; Borculo, Michigan-USA; Biloxi, Mississippi-USA; Bethalto, Illinois-USA; Bloomington, Indiana-USA; Bricktown, Oklahoma-USA; Blenheim-New Zealand; Bergen-Norway; Brighton-UK; Boxmeer, The Netherlands; Binbrook, Ontario-Canada and so on. But the term B-Town is originated from Belmont, California-USA.

So, B-Town is a nickname for a lot of towns and cities starting the name with B.

However, this term B-Town is also used to represent Bollywood, a film industry in India and the lifestyle of their celebrity actors and actresses by the gossip magazines.

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