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Costyb Review: Genuine? CostybGarden Scam or Legit?
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New Update at 29 August 2021: Costyb has changed its website theme and all details completely. Even it has provided new website name which is Costybgarden.

Previously, it has provided MELEDO COMPANY LIMITED as its parent company name but now it hasn’t provided any parent company name and has provided another address which is “15201 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403”. However, there is no business with name Costyb Garden has been mentioned on or around this address. Instead, as per Google Maps, there is a furniture store named “World Market” which has not any relation with Costyb. So, this makes it more suspicious. On top of that, only scam sites are found to be changing their website details completely like Costyb has done.

Below you can find our review on Costyb as per its previous website theme and details which has been completely changed now.

Through this Costyb review, we are here to show you some facts about this online store which will help you to identify whether it is a fraudulent or a trustworthy company to make any online purchase. So let’s find out either is a scam or a genuine company.

Costyb complaints Costyb fake or real Costyb legit or fraud | De Reviews

What is

It is an online shopping store that is selling different products like Auto Reset Flip Slide Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap, Flip N Slide Bucket Lid Mouse/Rat Trap, Halloween Wreath – Fall Wreath – Fall Door Decor – Door Hanger, 30 Inch Halloween Swag Wreath Fall Wreath, Unique And Magical Metal Windmill, etc. Further, there are so many things you must know about this site before choosing it as your shopping destination.

Costyb is categorized as one of the suspicious sites because of the following drawbacks:

Company Address:

Its parent company’s name is mentioned as “MELEDO COMPANY LIMITED” on its “Contact Us” page. However, there are lots of problematic sites operating under this parent company such as Camille77s, Moonanswer, Realitycool, MjmlyShop, YuglsShop, Ideantitly, Celenlda, AsddShop, Corochics, Lrollhairs, LoveliesLove, Goodujero, Vikipink, Perwonder, Upitim, Byforone, Pinkmoonart, LydiaShoes, HomeyStores, Furryoube, Great-ThingShop, MysterysShop, Warmsunco, HappyShopss, Aboshy, Licitest, Resplendentest, Beraloy, SanguinetsStore, FeelSoooGood, and so on.

Another parent company’s name and address is mentioned as Harbin Meow Star Network Technology Co., Ltd: No. B5, 18th Floor, No. 90 Zhaolin Street, Daoli District, Harbin. Google Maps can’t find the exact match of this address. So, this proves that this online store is not a good online store. Hence we do not recommend this site for any kind of online shopping.

Discount and Sales offers:

It is providing unrealistic discounts on lots of products it sells that seems too good to be true to get from any legit sites.

Copied content:

Lots of content including its website theme match with multiple suspicious and problematic sites.

Returns and Exchange:

It has a Refund Policy which says that you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. It is found to be very unrealistic and bogus for the return and exchange of items. So, it is almost impossible to get back a full refund amount from these kinds of sites due to their confusing provisions.

Customer Complaints and Delivery:

The customer support as well as delivery time of sites similar to this site is also very poor as per the complaints received from the buyers of similar kinds of sites.

Our Final Verdict:

All the aforementioned facts clarify that Costyb is one of the suspicious websites.

You can find the lots of suspicious sites listed within our “Suspicious” category by clicking >HERE< or you can find about various kinds of scams by scrolling within our “Scams” category by clicking >HERE< or you can navigate our website through our home page to find out the several interesting and knowledgeable articles under different categories by clicking >HERE<.

If you want to say something about this company, then please feel free to place your comment below. Also feel free to share this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this online store.

These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Good Luck !

12 thoughts on “Costyb Review: Genuine? CostybGarden Scam or Legit?
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  1. I paid for this metal windmill in August via PayPal but just realized PayPal requires you file complaint within 180 days. Too bad! I shoulda knowed!

  2. Fell for ordering a wind powered sculpture from Costyb. What a waste of money. It has NEVER worked. We’ve even had 50 mile an hour wind gusts this past week and the piece hasn’t even budged. Plus, I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it is totally rusting. VERY DISAPPOINTED in this piece of junk!

  3. I just received my Kinetic Wind Sculpture. It’s a piece of tin and damaged in shipping. It doesn’t qualify for a refund because it took them 60 days to get it to me and is only covered for return within 30 days.
    I purchased with PayPal but am not hopeful that they will help since a friend who also purchased from them with PayPal was offered a “replacement” and that was sufficient for PayPal.
    I spent $64.97 on a piece of junk I’m now stuck with.

  4. I fell for their slick website and ordered the ‘windmill’ through PayPal.
    First they charged me for 3 instead of 1 which I disputed.
    That triggered me looking into the reviews in independent sites which weren’t good. Not surprised to see all reviews on the company site were just tags or speculation.
    Working through PayPal I requested a refund. Company kept offering % off deals to keep me hooked.
    I opened PayPal dispute to get my money back. Company asked me to close dispute “so we are able to process your refund “
    If I closed the dispute- company would be able to send me junk and keep my money.
    Only after I refused to close dispute did they refund my money- less foreign currency exchange fee. So they are not American company- just want to appear to be.

  5. It took me 6 months to get this piece of junk that doesn’t work, that stupid windmill thing!! And it is a piece of junk!! I won’t even bother to try and send it back. What a waste of money. I’m so irritated!! Although I should know better! Never again!!

    1. Unfortunately I had a similar experience ordering (probably) the same kinetic wind metal sculpture that finally arrived yesterday. What a worthless piece of junk and total rip off!! I’m disgusted as much as you are but I guess I should just chalk it up to bad judgment and try to shop more carefully in the future. As far as I can tell there is no way to get a refund.

  6. Thankfully I paid with PayPal. After trying to cancel 30 days after ordering I went round and round with this company. I did get my full refund from PayPal after forwarding the conversation.

  7. CATO COSTYB.CO……This is a company which claims to make garden Spinners made in the USA. I went through PayPal thinking that they offered some protection for their users. They do not help you at all. The product was paid for but they never sent it. Always excuses for delays.

  8. Yep, got suckered into them. So many similar websites all looking the same; Asian replies; no doubt in Asia given there responses are after midnight PST. Certainly not the home-grown, hand-made USA shop they say they are:

    Dear buyer

    How about give you 10% discount to keep the order?
    You are our important customer, we hope we could provide the best service
    If we do not get a response within two days, We will continue to process your order.

    Hope you can keep the order!

    We are waiting for your reply!

    Have a nice day.
    Best regards

    Customer Service Sylvia

    —————— Original ——————

    Date: Wed, Sep 1, 2021 05:04 PM
    To: “catowin”;
    Subject: Re: Order 14669

    Hi Sylvia.

    Sorry that will be too long. No thank you I will not wait please refund the transaction today. Cheers Bruce.

    On Sep 1, 2021, at 01:33, catowin wrote:

    Dear customer,

    Thanks for your support and concern on our store.Sorry for keeping you waiting so long.
    Sorry for the delay of shipping. We are very regret to inform you that the item you ordered is out of stock now.

    This is a customized product. The design has been completed and it is in production. Due to the production process of this product is more complicated,so the production cycle is a bit long. We have urged the factory to expedite the process every day. The quality of our products is very good and will definitely satisfy you. The product will be shipped around September 10th-30th, and we will choose the fastest logistics method for transportation.Please don’t worried.

    Please wait patiently. As soon as we have it in stock, it will be shipped out and a message that includes tracking number and tracking link will be sent to you. Could you please wait?

    If you have any question,feel free to contact with us.
    Have a nice day.
    Best regards!
    Customer Service Sylvia

    1. Bruce, did you get a refund as you requested? I received the same email as you about the order being delayed until after September 10th. After reading your comments, I am also requesting a refund.

  9. Agree. I find it unusual that they do not talk about their company proudly and list all their goals and vision/mission. Their board or the founders or really ANYTHING about this company. Theygive u a number that I find suspicious, might be wrong, but I am quite skeptical. I also find they really do not tell u how to do refunds or returns clearly. Don’t really say where it is shipping from clearly either. Look closely AT ALL their wording before u buy.

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