What is AIMO? AIMO Acronym. What does AIMO mean?

Are you searching for the meaning of AIMO or what the AIMO means? Then you are in the right place because here in this page we are going to provide you the AIMO meaning, the AIMO definition and how this slang word AIMO is used over the internet for text messaging, chatting, or email or in oral conversations.

Can you guess the meaning of AIMO from the picture below? Actually, this picture resembles the meanings of AIMO. Well, let’s figure out the meaning of AIMO as below.

What is AIMO? What does AIMO mean? The definition of AIMO.

So, then what is AIMO?

The AIMO stands for the “Idiot”. AIMO is used in order to indicate someone is foolish or thoughtless or idiotic or a real dumbass or a goober. AIMO also indicates the simple minded person without having intelligence, the short form of “Anti.Intellectual.Moronic.Oaf”.

How is AIMO used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how this AIMO is used in written and oral forms are:

A: Are you flirting with your GF’s close friend?

B: Not at all, do I look like some kind of AIMO?


X: You let him supersede you? What an AIMO you are.


Y: I am such an AIMO to let her cheat on me.


A: I always give priority to my work.

B: That’s why you are AIMO man…o_o.


X: Why did you let her go?

Y: Coz I am a big AIMO.

So, AIMO is used to mention that the act of someone is idiotic.

What do you think? Why did people start using the short forms and slangs instead of full and real forms of the words?

Actually, today’s generations feel more comfortable using these types of slang words as they find these acronym words more easy and fast to type from their device like mobile, laptop, iPad etc. Besides, they also feel stylish and trendy using such words among their friend and family circles.

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