What is Down To Earth? What Down To Earth means?

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So, then what is Down To Earth? For what does Down To Earth stand? Down To Earth meaning.

The word Down To Earth stands for the meaning of “Very Humble, Sensible, Practical, Real and Genuine Person”. Down To Earth is used to specify that the character and attitude of a person are very generous and sensible, genuine and realistic, humble and rational. Down To Earth signifies that person who is very ordinary and keeps his or her feet on the ground and does not fly over the sky.

So a person who is realistic and likable rather than an idealistic and pretentious is called to be a Down To Earth person.

Down To Earth also signifies those people who are simple and easy going but not so much hardworking and a dreamer.

How is Down To Earth used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how "Down To Earth" is used in the conversations are:

A: My boss is very rational in making decisions. Everybody likes his way of motivating us.

B: Hmmmm…you mean a down to earth person?

A: Exactly!!!!


A: Our boss is a down to earth person. He is a great achiever but never seems bigheaded.

B: Ya…he is a great guy!!!


A: My mom is very down to earth but my father is full of attitude.

B: Really??? Is that the reason behind their divorce?

A: I think so.


X: My boss likes to call himself Brat but not Sir.

Y: So nice of him. Actually a down to earth person!!!


Boy 1: I want someone who is down to earth so that we can lead our life happily.

Boy 2: Good luck bro…but hard to find these days.


Girl 1: I think I shall marry him. He is very down to earth kinda guy.

Girl 2: Ya…you guys are a perfect match for each other!!!


Girl 1: I don’t like him…he is too much down to earth. I like someone who is idealistic and a dreamer.

Girl 2: Why????

Girl 1: I think if you dream high then you can achieve high.

Girl 2: That’s also right!!!

And so on.

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