Why Technology Important? Is Technology Helpful or Harmful?

Well we believe that everything has both good and bad characteristic in them and that’s very apparent. But, first of all here we are going to talk about the good parts of technology in our life so that we can find out why is technology helpful.

Why technology is good and helpful?

Today technology has been so much advanced that the entire world is connected with each other. There is simply nothing that mankind cannot do (except some) with technology. People can reach to the whole world through technology that the world is not an unknown place anymore, they can talk and see the people wherever they are or they can get any information about anything through technology. Learning new things and experiencing new things, that’s what technology is doing for us. So it is something that gives us new experience in our life. When we talk about technology, we cannot miss to talk about social medias. People are so much engaged in social medias sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. these days that they are kind of living in them apparently.

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We are getting more access to the world through science and technology. We can learn about the society, culture and lifestyle of any place around the world. We can learn many more things about science and innovations/inventions, we get to know what is happening or when will it be happening around the world so easily these days. Our kids are getting more advance as they can learn many things and know how to handle technologies. We are so much connected with technology that now it seems like our life will not move forward without it.

Technology is used everywhere, whether it be our daily life, our health and education, our job and obligations, our safety and security, our family and friends, our entertainment or vacations or in everything and everywhere. Technology is helping us to make our life more easy and helping us in our emergences as well.

We live in the technology now. Whatever we do or tend to do completely depends upon the technology. Our life is just surrounded by lots and lots of technologies. Remember our cars, laptops, cooking machine, microwave, TV, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, Freezer, bike, phone, internet, printer, scanner, mobiles, xerox machine, calculator, camera, video games, connectivity, projector, transportations, everything we use are technology based. Now we can imagine how much technology is important in our lives.

Technology has done much good on communication, medical services, day to day life appliances, traveling, job assignments and career opportunities, business etc. Bill Gates added: “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other”

Not only in home base appliances but technology is used everywhere in the world, in the factories, research centers, learning centers, schools and colleges, hospitals and medical service centers, banks and remittance companies, airlines, production and manufacturing companies, other offices and corporate houses, space centers, farming and agriculture, society and social events, everywhere.

People, who have access to the modern technology, cannot imagine their life without it. Internet has made our life so much comfortable that we at the first end think about its help whenever needed for anything. It feeds us with information and knowledge.

Why technology is bad and harmful?

Technology is not bad in itself, but depends on how we use them for our own interest and needful. It has significant impact in our life, both good and bad, but only the matter is that we should learn to identify its both aspects in our life. If we cannot use it appropriately, it will overtake our life and the entire world which in result can destroy our life as well. Our children and young generation is getting more victimized by technology these days as they use it for more than needed and for not so good reasons as well. They are getting addicted to it.

Despite of using technology as an assistance for better future and career, most of people, specially young generation spend time in internet using social medias and playing games, watching private movies that they forget about their future opportunities, family, its value and everything else in life becoming isolated, disconnected and sometimes invisible. Albert Einstein once said that “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Technology has some major negative impacts in our life as well as world. Technology is slowly spreading poison in the world. It is highly creating devastation through the equipments of wars and fights, destroying the nature and increasing the impact of Global Warming which may bring huge damage or even the end of world unexpectedly. It is slowly getting out of control and cyber bulling is getting hike resulting the death of human life.

So overall, is technology good or bad?

The purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain but to serve the body. Technology can both, create and protect a beautify world or destroy and ruin the whole world. So true it is said that “technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” So treat it as a tool and but not as a God. Now it’s our great challenge and responsibility to teach our kids and new generation how to use modern technology correctly and responsibly to make our life easy but not to overrule our life.

Never forget this as said by Steve Jobs “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them”.

So, what do you think? Either is technology helpful or harmful? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us using the comment section as below.

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