The Statue of Georgia, Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman

The Statue of Georgia Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman | De Reviews

In Georgia, they call 'the Statue of Love' by the name 'Sekhvarulis Kandakaeba'. People also know "Man and Woman" as the Statue of Georgia. This statue depicts the famous love story of Ali and Nino. It is really famous in the Georgia region and neighborhood.

Do you ever hear about the Romeo and Juliet? Yes, of course, you have read or heard about Romeo and Juliet. We also know that this is not the only love story in the world. Love is eternal and only the thing that never becomes obsolete or orthodox. The Statue of Georgia represents the same essence of love.

It is 8 meter in height and made up of steel. The location of the statue is on the shore of the Black Sea in Batumi Boulevard. Although the authorship of this amazing novel is still a mystery and a topic of debate, it is popularly believed that the mysterious Kurban Said wrote the novel in 1937.

What is Statue of Georgia is all about?

The Ali and Nino were true lovers of the 20th century. Ali is a Muslim boy and the Nino is Christian in religion and also a Georgian Princes. Ali was from Azerbaijan who tries to marry Nino a Georgian princess. As Ali was growing up, he was understanding and getting knowledge about the Christian value and another kind of stuff in his school.

Furthermore, this curiosity to know the Christian values also work as a factor for Ali to fall in love with Nino who is Christian. Both of them used to spend a lot of time together during the high school. Ali wanted to marry her but Nino was scared.

Ali made her a promise that she did not have to follow the customs or Muslim tradition such as wearing a veil after their marriage. Ali's father happily accepted their marriage. It was also because as a father he wanted his son to be happy.

The Statue of Georgia | De Reviews
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Now, you might be wondering what happened when they both got married without encountering any resistance from their families. Actually, it was the Soviet Union invasion that separated Ali and Nino. The love story of Ali and Nino was from the book that was first published in German, under a pseudonym of ‘Kurban Said’.

It was the time of First World War, Russians invaded Azerbaijan. Ali decided to fight for his motherland against the mighty Russian army. Ali dies in the war. This way a love story ends its own way i.e. tragic. Almost every love story in the world we know has never bowed down in front of world or people.

They fight for their independence and the freedom to live together. The fight for their self-esteem makes them immortal. They are still living in the heart of people. Yes, they died and separated but in the eternity they are together. According to the Indian Tradition, there is life after the life.

Therefore, we firmly believe that individuals separated in this mortal world are reunited in the afterlife. Alternatively, some choose to embrace death together, ensuring they do not face separation again, as their souls unite into a harmonious unity.

This is the story that the Statue of Georgia is depicting. The Georgian artist Tamara Kvesitadze crafted this mind-blowingly amazing piece of work. He and his team worked for more than 10 months continuously to build this amazing statue. It is the place that is must visit in the lifetime.

For the Spectators, The Statue of Georgia moves or come to life every day at 7 pm. From the spectator's side, it looks like that statue of ‘Man and Women’ is coming close and then they are kissing and then embrace each other. After a few seconds of embracing each other, the couple separates, facing away from each other.


The maker of The Statue of Georgia has worked very precisely to show such an amazing artwork. They have also used lights to make the view more magnificent. This is the site that you will never forget in life if you visit and see it with your own eyes and from the angle of the camera.

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