What is OMG? What OMG means? OMG Definition

OMG is “Oh My God”. So, OMG means the short form of the expression “Oh My God”. As you know people use “Oh My God” expression commonly when they get surprised or when they afraid or when they extremely like something and so on.

What OMG mean? What is OMG mean? OMG means. OMG definition. OMG meaning.

So, why people say OMG instead of saying “Oh My God”?

Actually, OMG is used by people in the writing format usually when they are texting, emailing or chatting online with their friends. So, most of time people don’t yell OMG, but just write it if they find something surprising while chatting/texting online with their friends. Most of time people tends to use short form when they are chatting/texting from mobile devices because writing short form will easy for them to type.

But also these days there are some people who use to say OMG even when they are talking with friends, not only when texting.

So, why do you think people say OMG instead of “Oh My God” while talking also, not only in text format? You are welcome to share your view about it within our comment section as below.

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