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What Is POS? POS Meaning. What POS Means?
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If you are looking for what does POS mean, the meaning of POS, the acronym of POS, the definition of POS, the abbreviation of POS, then you are in the right platform because here we are going to provide you the POS slang meaning, the POS definition, the POS acronym, the POS abbreviation as well as how this acronym POS is used over the conversations.

So, then what is POS? For what does POS stand?

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The slang word POS stands for the short version of “Piece of S**t” which is used in conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails, Instagram, Tumblr, other social media, etc. when someone doesn’t like something and expressing his/her dislike.

The acronym POS also means “Parent over Shoulder” which is used when the parents are around and someone really doesn’t or can’t talk or express the things.

Another meaning of POS is “Positively Outstanding Service.”

POS also means “Point Of Sales” which is a point of purchase where a retail transaction is done. POS is used for the payment of invoices against the customer’s purchase of goods and services in the stores or retail outlets.

How is POS used in conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word POS is used over the conversations are:

A: Howz your exam?

B: Ohhh it’s POS man. I forgot everything.


A: Howz your night out with her?

B: POS man!!!


A: Congratulations for salary increment on your POS.

B: Thanks, buddy!!!


A: Do you have money to purchase that game?

B: I’ll use POS!!!

And so on.

Well, now you know the meaning of POS from the above definition, so if you want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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