What is AdvMoney.tech? Is AdvMoney.tech a Scam?

AdvMoney.tech is another series of scam companies which is operated by the same scammer group who are involved in scamming through various similar types of websites just keeping the domain name different. Their main target is to entice people in their website and cheat them with their money. If you want to know more about this company, then read our detail review as below.

What is AdvMoney.tech? Why AdvMoney.tech is a scam site?

AdvMoney.tech is a paid advertising site which is offering comparatively huge money just to view the commercial advertisements. They claim to pay up to 10 cents just for ad unit display. And they say the affiliates can also earn 50% of their referrals’ earnings. So in order to make more money, the affiliates need to make as much referrals as they can.

They claim to pay $50 to $300 or more than that to their affiliates just working 3-5 hours a day. But do you think any company which is genuinely running their business can pay so much money to their affiliates just to watch the advertising? If so, then how much the company needs to earn and from which source they earn so much? We are sure all these questions are unanswerable and this company is just trying to lure people specially newbies in their website by showing easy money making process so that they can take out money from them.

This company claims to process for payment within one hour of the payment request from their affiliates making payment in their bank card or electronic account like Paypal, Western Union etc. However, all these payment claims are completely fake and illusive to trap the people. But they actually make some additional rules and excuses at this situation. Remember that they are not here to pay but just to deceive their affiliates.

Another fact is that this company is registered without providing their owner’s as well as website address details. So if you check their website or WHOIS details, you find lacking of any authentic information about the same. So now we question why they are hiding their information from the people? Well, they are doing this because they don’t want to be disclosed after scamming people with collectively huge amount of money. And they can again come up with another similar manner of websites and scam the people. Now why people fall for this type of websites? It’s because these scammers know how to trick people. They intentionally keep each website domain name different so that people cannot catch them easily. So these scammers are very professional in scamming.

But if someone seriously ensures their details they can find out that all these websites have exactly same features like their website business model, WHOIS detail, website theme, business format, the strategy to scam people, website script and so on. So the same groups of scammers run multiple similar websites to make money from the people.

There are more than one thousand such sites run by these scammers. Many of them were already shut down also and others are still running. Some of such sites name are Zendengi.club, Jamdengi.club, Kavdengi.club, Voddengi.club, Razdengi.club, Razdengi.site, Zewdengi.site, LcMoney.club, DmMoney.club, CuMoney.club, Vacdengi.site, Vawdengi.site, Sabdengi.site, Nuwdengi.site, Surdengi.site, Bacdengi.site, Vesdengi.site, Petdengi.club, Docdengi.top, Wuxdengi.top, Safdengi.site, Romdengi.club, Faxdengi.club, Fendengi.club, HurMoney.club, LiveMoney.host, FepMoney.club, PatMoney.club, MesMoney.club, Ahadengi.club and so on.


From the about detail review about AdvMoney.tech, we are very much sure that this is ultimately a scam company which is operated with the intention to scam people with their money. There is no any proof that this company has paid anything to anyone. And if you check the comment section, you will come up with lots of complaints about this company being a scam. So we have categorized AdvMoney.tech under our “Scams” category and do not recommend you for your online work.

However, you are pretty clear about what is AdvMoney.tech through our AdvMoney.tech review as above. However, if you still want to add or report something about AdvMoney.tech, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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