What does ETA mean? Acronym of ETA. What is ETA?

Are you looking for the meaning of ETA, what ETA means, the definition of ETA, the acronym of ETA, the abbreviation of ETA? If so, then you are in the right place because here we are going to tell you the ETA meaning, the ETA definition, the ETA acronym and how this slang word ETA is used in text messages, emails and conversations.

Can you figure out the meaning of ETA from the picture below? Well, it signifies one of the top definitions of ETA but also hard to guess. Ok, let’s figure out the meaning of ETA as below.

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What is ETA? ETA abbreviation.

The ETA is an abbreviation for “Estimated Time of Arrival”. So, that means ETA stands for “Estimated Time of Arrival”. ETA is used to mention the probable time of arrival.

How is ETA used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the ETA is used in the conversations are:

A: What’s your ETA to pick me up tonight?

B: It’s around 7 pm.


X: Just send me your ETA.

Y: My ETA is 9 o’ clock.


A: What’s your ETA to office?

B: Within half an hour.

A: Okkk I will be waiting then.

And so on.

Another meaning of ETA is an abbreviation of “Edited to Add”. This slang word is used by the bloggers when they add something to their post or blog i.e. ETA, here we are sharing another fact about this with you. Or, Just check this out, newly found truth, ETA.

ETA also stands for “Emergency Toast Allocation” which means an immediate serving of toast or bread or meal to fulfill the hunger. i.e. What’s your ETA honey, I am starving.

Besides the above meanings, ETA also refers “Euskadi Ta Akatasuna” which is a terrorist organization in Spain that uses terrorism for Basque independence in Spain’s western Pyrenees.

Do you have any idea why people have started using the short forms of words in recent days?

Today’s generation feels stylish using these type of abbreviations as they find it easy and prompt to type in their electronic devices like mobile, iPad, laptop etc. As they are getting more addicted to the internet, they spent most of their time on the internet chatting and texting with their friends’ circle. They mostly use these abbreviations among their circle because they can immediately understand and adopt such slang words.

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