What is Adventure Tourism? Top Adventure Travel Places

Adventure Tourism is especially a travel-focused in the exploration of such places where people can be involved in exciting activities like sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumping, snow diving, trekking, mountain expedition, rock climbing, caving, rafting, rain forest adventure tour, taking desert fun, ancient actions, animal encounters, jungle or National Parks tour in elephants or jeeps, underwater adventure, snorkeling, zip-lining, kayaking, hiking, biking, off-road riding, scuba diving, speed boat riding, car racing, water scooter driving, surfing in beach, horse riding, camel riding, elephant riding and so on.

Adventure travel in Disney land or theme parks is also in hit list these days. So basically adventure tourism is concerned with your physical activities or exertions in relation with your mental state and capacity of taking real or possible risks and your specialized skills in some cases. People who are more interested in adventure rather than regular traveling are getting involved in this kind of tourism to enjoy and experience a different journey in their lives.

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There are different types of adventure tourism in practice like jungle tourism, cultural tourism, ecotourism, ethno tourism, overland tourism, ghetto tourism, extreme tourism, disaster tourism, urban exploration, etc. According to data, the Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe regions are growing as adventure tourism destinations.

The purpose of adventure tourists varies from person to person. Some do it for spiritual enlightenment and the other for exploring new and untouched places on the globe, likewise some do it for physical fitness and the other for escaping from daily routine life. So, it has various motivational factors in itself which can give physical as well as a mental pleasure to the tourists. The pricing of adventure tourism is highly dependent on the volume of demand, the season of tourism, seasonal effects, and accessibilities, weather patterns, duration of travel, solo or group activities, etc.

Some of the most adventurous travel destinations around the world are:-

  • Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada (Steepest peak on Earth)
  • Atacama Desert, Chile (Driest place on Earth)
  • Lut Desert, Iran (Hottest Place on Earth)
  • Oymyakon, Russia (Coldest inhabited place on Earth)
  • Mount Everest, Nepal (Highest Peak on Earth),
  • Mount Chimborazo, Ecuador (Closest place to Outer Space)
  • Mawsynram, India (Wettest place on Earth)
  • Tristan da Cunha, United Kingdom (Most isolated place on Earth)
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela (Tallest waterfall in the world)
  • Antarctica (Coldest continent on Earth)
  • Gansbaai, South Africa (Most treacherous waters on Earth), etc.

Most of those places are extremely adventurous but equally dangerous as well.

Almost all of the above-mentioned adventure tourisms are seasonally based, especially the ones which are outdoor based and weather specific. Some adventure tourisms are quite risky and may also possess arrest and punishment possibilities as well due to the violations of local or regional laws of certain countries as their roles and regulations in national as well as the local level to promote this tourism may vary. Thus, if you are planning to take an adventure tour and travel for holiday, make sure that your travel is safe, environmentally sustainable and enjoyable by every means beforehand.

Top ten adventure travel destinations as per Forbes are:

  1. Israel

  2. Slovakia

  3. Chile

  4. Estonia

  5. Czech Republic

  6. Bulgaria

  7. Slovenia

  8. Jorden

  9. Romania

  10. Latvia

Top ten adventure trips as per National Geography are:

  1. Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

  2. Moab, Utah

  3. Watersports, Southern West Virginia

  4. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  5. Rain Forest, Costa Rica

  6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  7. Isle of Bute, Scotland

  8. Aeolian Islands, Italy

  9. Kruger National Park, South Africa

  10. Queenstown, New Zealand

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