What is Western Union About? WU Review

Western Union Money Transfer Review on its history:

Western Union (WU) was established long way back in 1851 by founder Ezra Cornell in New Work, United State, more than 166 years back (source: Wikipedia). Since then, they appeared to be a big brand in global money transfer or payment system. First name that came in people’s mind for global payment services is Western Union being a market leader. Western Union, an American based company has now global expansion of business all over the world over 200 countries and territories with more than 500,000 agent locations and over 100,000 ATMs and Kiosks transacting with more than 130 currencies globally.

Mr. Jack M. Greenberg is a Chairman and Mr. Hikmet Ersek is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. The Company’s Headquarters is in Meridian, Colorado, United States. The CEO joined the company in 1999 with senior international roles and responsibilities and became CEO in 2010 playing the major role in expanding the digital business of the company globally.

What is Western Union about What is Western Union Money Transfer What is the Western Union Company | De Reviews


What is the Western Union Money Transfer Service:

Western union’s main function is to move money or in simple language send or receive money from one place to other providing services to the small households and families, small businesses, corporate houses to multinational and multibillionaire companies through digital (using their website: www.westernunion.com -need to create a WU account), retail channels (using their local agents), mobile (using their WU app, both in Android and iOS platforms) or phone (only valid in US-call WU toll-free no. 1-800 from landline no.). Their services are widely extended from most developed cities to most remote part of the globe.

Western Union Business Solutions have varieties of service options to families from urban cities to local communities, from small entrepreneur to big corporate houses. They provide cash management solution to the business houses which play a bridge role in their business enhancement throughout their country or globally as well as in partnership deal. The payment mode shall be through bank account or direct to bank transfer, or cash pick in agent locations or mobile wallet. They provide money transfer service through online in 35 countries and via app in 11 countries. They move money when people or business needs conveniently, promptly and securely. So they are the most trusted brand in the global payment services.

The screenshot from Western Union website, "www.westernunion.com" is as below:-

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Key services of Western Union (WU) are:

Money Transfer: WU transfers money from one part of the globe to another with their customers’ convenience and security.

Wire Transfer: WU can directly transfer money in receiver’s bank account.

Prepaid Master Card: WU Prepaid Mastercard from which customers can 24/7 access their account information using online account center or mobile apps and get updated via email or text messages.

Money Orders: WU sell money orders from participating WU agent locations to their customers who prefer them (in U.S. and Canada).

Bill Payment: Customers can pay their bills using WU services (in U.S).

Track Money: Customers can track their sent money via WU mobile app.

International Payment: WU moves money in 130 currencies overseas which provides corporate customers transfer money in different currencies and make cross-border payments.

Risk Management Consultation: WU financial specialists assist business entity in maximizing their profitability with cost effective payment solutions along with currency exposure management strategies.

Cash Management: WU financial specialist provides services to the corporate houses to forecast and control their cash flow.


What is Western Union money transfer process:

A sender can use any means to transfer money to their required location or bank account. He/she can use local agent, mobiles app or online service to do money transaction. A sender need to provide his/her detail information like name, address, identification no., contact no., recipient’s details like name and location of recipient or where the money shall be received (cash receive or bank transfer). Once all process is done, WU provides ten digits Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which the sender need to provide to the recipient. Then the receiver shall contact the WU agent in the designated location along with MTCN and Government issued ID (somewhere both needed, somewhere MTCM only and somewhere Government issued ID Card) to get the payment. Or the sender can send money directly in receiver’s bank account. The money can also be sent in receiver’s mobile wallet or WU Pre-paid Mastercard (some selective zones only).


Duration of Payment:

WU have both “Money in Minutes” or “Next day” services. Sender can use the service as per his/her need base. Delivery time may vary depending upon the location of recipient.


Payment mode:

Directly receive the payment from WU agent locations: Visit the local WU agent and get the payment providing your MCTN and Government issued ID card for verification.

Receive money in bank account: Recipient must provide his/her bank name and account no. along with International Bank Account No. and Bank Identifier Code or other deemed information to sender so that sender can request WU for this service.

Receive money in Mobile Wallet: This service is available in selective countries where the recipient can receive their money directly to his/her mobile wallet.

Receive money in WU Prepaid Mastercard: For this service the Recipient need to register WU Prepaid Card. When done, he or she needs to log in to WU account and input the MTCN. After that the money will be loaded in his/her Prepaid Card.


Western Union Money Transfer Charges:

The charges will vary depending on what types of services are used with what volume of transaction, location or what channel has been used for money transfer.


Western Union Money Transfer guidelines on transferring money:

  • Don’t send money using WU to personally unknown person i.e. met online.
  • Personally confirm the emergency quoted situation via reliable source before sending money to family member, friend or grandchild through WU.
  • Don’t send money before verifying designated location of the recipient and make sure your recipient have access to WU agent to get payment.
  • Always verify the name and no. of recipient’s ID card so that the local WU agent can verify the right delivery of your money.
  • Provide MTCN to your recipient in order to get the payment from WU channels.
  • Do not use WU in purchasing goods through internet as there is no guarantee of your delivery.
  • Do not use WU to transfer money for purchase or sales on sites like Craigslist.com as you may get stuck in scams from buyer or seller side.
  • Don not use WU to transfer money for employment opportunity or lottery claims as you may be victimized by scammers. People has been already the victim of Western Union Money Transfer scam.

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