Ryabe Scam Or Genuine? Legit ? Ryabe.com Review

In short, Ryabe is a suspicious online store. It may send either cheap quality or wrong item, or nothing at all to its customers. As per our Ryabe review, the safety index for Ryabe.com is: 45/100 (Below Average).

Now you may want to find out why is Ryabe a suspicious, right? Well then, this page provides a concise and informative Ryabe review including how to get refund from it.

This Ryabe review was first published on 9 May 2022, and updated at 14 May 2023 and 4 September 2023. Below you can find updated informaton on Ryabe.com.

Ryabe.com Website Highlights:

  • Domain name: Ryabe.com
  • Website name: Ryabe
  • Website Registration Date As Per WHOIS: 2021-09-28
  • Email: service@ryabe .com
  • Parent Company Name: XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Casual Print Round Neck Two Piece Set, Green 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress, Bohemian Tassel Drawstring Autumn Red Mini Dress, Keeping Up Loungewear Set, Plaid Days Casual Hoodie and Pants 2-Piece Set, Cute Pink Plaid Long Sleeve Outerwear, YES IM COLD ME 247 Inspirational Gray Sweatshirt Top, Scalloped Squared Little Black Dress, etc.
  • Social media Presence: Social Media Pages are Available
  • Delivery time as mentioned on its Shipping Policy: 35 Business Days

We’ve labeled Ryabe as a dubious online store because of these reasons:

  • The parent company of Ryabe.com is identified as XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD, as mentioned in its Terms of Service and Contact Us pages. However, it is important to note that several other websites also use the same parent company name, including Halysa, Klynu, Moyje, Zekev, Essped, Erwiy, Olwev, Veosy, Mezyc, and more.
    • As of now, it lists its parent company name and address as XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD in this review. But in the future, it could alter its parent company name and address, just as other similar sites have done in the past.
  • Ryabe.com's Checkout page shows a fake McAfee trust seal logo, which might make you worry about your personal and financial information's safety. Deceptive actions like this can endanger your sensitive data, like your credit card details.
  • Be cautious when you come across online stores like Ryabe.com that promise big discounts on their products. Lately, many scam websites have been using this strategy to lure in shoppers who are unaware.
  • We noticed that the pictures of their products aren't original. This suggests that the site either copied images from elsewhere or is simply reselling clothing and other items.
  • Lots of details provided on its website including its website theme match with multiple problematic sites.
  • Be careful when checking out Ryabe.com's Return/Exchange Policy, as it might have tricky rules that make it hard to get full refunds or exchange items. Dishonest websites often use confusing or unfair policies to make it tough for customers to get what they deserve.
  • Additionally, sites like this one tend to have poor customer support and slow delivery times, as reported by other buyers who have had similar experiences. What's more, even Ryabe.com's own customers have lodged numerous complaints against it, which you can see on platforms like Trustpilot.
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Common Queries Related to Ryabe Review:

After knowing the truth of Ryabe from the review above, now you might have some queries as below:

  • How to get refund from it?
  • How to stay safe from similar kinds of stores?
  • Where can we encounter with scam online stores?

Well, you can find the answers to these queries in detail below:

How to get a refund from suspicious online store like Ryabe?

You can follow the steps as mentioned below to get a refund from suspicious online stores like Ryabe;

  1. Contact the Seller: If you feel sites like Ryabe is going to scam you, then contact them and ask them what’s going on. Also, stay relaxed.
  2. Keep records of everything: Write down all the info about your order, save chats with the seller, like pictures, emails, and order confirmations.
  3. If you didn’t get your stuff, then:
    • You should contact your bank or credit card company, so that you can ask them to help you to get a refund.
    • If you had used PayPal, then reach out to PayPal support and start a dispute to get your money back.
  4. If you got the wrong or bad stuff, then:
    • Get the postal service’s tracking info. Since, it might be a proof to show a different item’s weight delivered on the given address.
    • Show this proof to your bank, credit card company, or PayPal, since people have gotten full refunds this way.
  5. Report to Authorities: If some sites scam you, then report them to relevant authorities, such as the BBBFBIFTC, etc. or your country’s consumer protection agency.
  6. Keep an eye on your accounts: To prevent additional unauthorized charges by the scammer, closely monitor your financial accounts. So, change passwords and enable two-factor authentication on your online accounts for added security.
  7. If nothing works or you lost a lot of money: Think about talking to a legal expert or a consumer rights group. Since, they can guide you on taking legal action against the online store that scammed you.

But remember, how well these steps work can vary. Since, it depends on where you live, how you paid, and the rules of your credit card company or PayPal.

How to stay safe from doubtful sites like Ryabe?

Below you can find some tips that can save you from doubtful online stores like Ryabe:

  1. Search About the Store: Before you buy, try to find out the reality of online store. Firstly, check for reviews, ratings, and what customers say. Furthermore, check given contact info, since real businesses have a real address and contact info. Scams may have fake or none.
  2. Make Sure the Website is Safe:
    • Look for “https://” in the web address. Additionally, look for trust seals like Norton, McAfee and so on, because scam online stores either don’t provide trust seals or provide the fake ones.
    • So, click on trust seals to check if they’re real. Since, real ones take you to official pages, fake ones send you to random pages or are not clickable.
  3. Watch out for deals that seem too good: Scam online stores use super discount prices to trick you. So, compare prices with trusted stores to be sure.
  4. Before you buy, look at the refund rules: Be careful if the refund rules of the store like Ryabe are confusing or too strict. So, check what the store says about refunds.
  5. Use Safe Payment Methods: Stick to popular and safe payment methods, such as credit cards or PayPal. In contrast, be highly suspicious of stores that only accept payment forms like gift cards, wire transfers, etc.
  6. Use Strong passwords: Use unique, hard-to-guess passwords for your payment accounts. Moreover, add two-factor authentication for extra safety.
  7. Watch for Phishing Attempts: Be cautious of emails from unknown senders with links. So, check the link before clicking it. Moreover, look at the website’s URL to make sure it’s not fake and related to the website name.
  8. Be Careful with Your Personal info: Avoid online stores asking for too much personal info.

What are the possible ways to encounter with doubtful sites like Ryabe?

You may spot doubtful sites like Ryabe in following ways:

  1. Phishing Emails and Messages:
    • Scammers send emails that look like they’re from real stores, but they’re fake. They might have store logos and all. But be careful, these emails might have links to fake websites that want to take your personal info or payment details.
  2. Social Media Ads and Posts:
    • Scammers can make ads and posts on social media that look real. They show great deals. But when you click on them, they take you to fake websites.
  3. Search Results:
    • Scam websites can show up in search results for popular stuff.
    • For example, scam websites copy famous brands, with similar logos and designs and show up in search results or in social media ads. So, check the website’s address (URL) and look for differences in the branding.
  4. Online Marketplaces:
    • Most online marketplaces are real, but scammers can make fake seller profiles to sell bad stuff. Before buying on places like Amazon or eBay, look at what other buyers say about the seller.
  5. Pop-Up Ads:
    • Be careful with pop-up ads when you’re on websites. Since, some of them might take you to fake online stores or make you download viruses.
  6. Fake Mobile Apps:
    • Be cautious when you download and use apps. Because, scammers can make fake ones that look like popular apps. They want your personal or payment info.
  7. Unexpected Calls:
    • Scammers can call, pretending to be from famous companies, and ask for your personal or payment info. So, always make sure they’re who they say they are before sharing anything.
  8. Messages from “Friends”:
    • Scammers can hack emails or social media and send messages to your contacts, suggesting an online store or deal. So, double-check with your friends before clicking links to sites like Ryabe.

Our Final Verdict on Ryabe Review:

In light of the Ryabe review as above, it is reasonable to consider Ryabe.com as one of the suspicious websites.

Check out doubtful sites under “Suspicious”, or read about scams in the “Scams” section. You can also find interesting articles on our homepage >HERE<.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this company in the comments below. Furthermore, spread the word about this online store to your friends and family by sharing this Ryabe review through your social media accounts to keep them informed.

FAQs related to Ryabe Review:

Why do we think Ryabe.com is a doubtful online store?

We believe Ryabe.com is a doubtful online store because it offers high discounts on goods and looks similar to known problematic websites.

Why should I be cautious about heavily discounted products on this online store?

When you encounter online shops like Ryabe.com offering big discounts, it's wise to be cautious. Scam websites often use this strategy to lure in unsuspecting shoppers. Before making any purchases, make sure the site is trustworthy, as overly generous discounts could be a sign of a potential scam.

Are the return and exchange policies of this online store customer-friendly?

You should be careful when dealing with Ryabe.com's return and exchange policies. Scam websites tend to use rules that are not fair, making it hard for customers to get full refunds or exchange items. It's crucial to read and understand these policies before buying to make sure you're protecting your customer rights.

Given the questionable practices linked to this website, it's a good idea to be cautious and prepared for potential difficulties when trying to return or exchange items.

Do you have any tips for dealing with similar suspicious websites?

Sure, here are some tips for handling suspicious websites like Ryabe:

  1. Do your research on the site.
  2. Find and read real customer reviews.
  3. Be cautious about making purchases if you have doubts about its credibility.

Can websites like Ryabe change their info over time?

Yes, these kinds of websites may change their name and content over time. However, this Ryabe review is based on the details available on its website as of the mentioned date.

Note: This Ryabe review is based on the info available as of the mentioned date. But websites like this often change, so even if you see different stuff later, it can still be suspicious.

Wishing you a secure online purchase!

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30 thoughts on “Ryabe Scam Or Genuine? Legit ? Ryabe.com Review

  1. May 27 - ordered two tops - Total $80.98.
    June 10 - received order.
    June 11 - requested to return one top ($47.99) as I didn

  2. May 27 - ordered two tops - Total $80.98.
    June 10 - received order.
    June 11 - requested to return one top ($47.99) as I didn't like the cut on me and it wasn't an issue of size. If I had tried it on, I never would have bought it.
    June 17 - received offer of $13 compensation and I could keep the item.
    June 20 - received offer of $21 compensation and I could keep the item.
    June 25 - received email and I quote "Sorry, US$24 is our best offer as compensation, could you accept it? It’s not worth to return it." and they finally did give me an address!
    There were emails from me to them on June 14, 19 and 22, that are not referenced in the above timeline .
    I researched the return address and it seemed sketchy. I was concerned that returning the item, at my cost, had the real possibility of not being received by them and then I'm out more than the $47.99!
    June 27 - I decided to accept their lame offer of US$24 and I will donate the item.
    Their customer service is a joke and doesn't exist. The ONLY way to communicate with them is through email. It is exhausting! From placing the order to resolution it was a month of back and forth.
    And this line that is included in every single email "Anything we can do for you, Please feel free to contact us via" their email - are you kidding me?!
    Thankfully, I did like the one top, but that turned out to be an expensive tank top!

  3. I received an item that is poor quality and not as pictured. Now reading all of these comments, should I attempt to return the item (~$35) ?

    Not sure if I want to give them any more info

  4. I ordered 5 dresses from Raybe. 2 fit and the others do not. Emailed customer service numerous times for them to offer $14 and then $25 but no instructions to return. They don’t give return instructions. I am out $150 from this company. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. With this many complaints how can they still be on facebook and continue to take peoples money

  5. I ordered 5 fun tops for the holidays. One fit and was super cute and arrived as described and shown on line. The other 4 did not fit, and I’m in the process of trying to return. They initially offered me $25 to keep everything, and I refused. They came back with a $40 offer to keep and I refused again. Why would I keep clothes that don’t fit? Hopefully they’ll let me return. I’m not very hopeful after reading all the other comments!!

  6. I ordered a sweater from ryabe.com, on Nov.4 and have never received it.I have order# and tracking number but can not get any information.It was shipped November 4th but hasn’t arrived.I wonder if I will ever get it and was charged to me,so I paid for something I will probably never get.so disappointed!

  7. Don't bother buying anything at all from Ryabe. Their pictures are total fakes. Dresses are unstructured tents in cheap fabrics. They required me to return my package and pay shipping. Then they wanted the $12.00 shipping receipt. They did not refund me any money at all in the end and I'm missing U.S.$50.00 for the package as well. They are unscrupulous thieves. Buyer Beware.

  8. DO NOT BUY FROM RYABE. Dress fabric was not as pictured. Price was far too high for a cheap product. Emailed several times to get my $49.99 price back to no avail. They insisted on me returning it to a NY state address (I'm in New Jersey). I did that at my expense ($12.00). Now they want me to give them return shipping proof, which I can't find. So they have refunded nothing at all and I'm out the money. Don't make the same mistake. They don't make it easy to get your money back and still owe me. Dress was not fabric in picture. It was not well-constructed and far too big and baggy like a tent, not the structured dress pictured at all, far from it. Don't buy from here.

  9. I ordered a dress that looked perfect for a wedding I was attending. Upon receipt, it was washed out and didn’t look remotely as pictured in their ad. It didn’t fit either. When I reached out to Customer Service to return, I received horrible offers of compensation and no refund for the $28+ shipping fee. I have been communicating with them via email and received the same information to send it pre-paid shipping to their warehouse in Dubai. EXCUSE ME? Your advertisement says it’s from S. Or N. Carolina. I’m horrified and extremely mad with them. Please make it known that this site is a scam and Facebook MUST remove them.

    I wanted to return two dresses totalling $119.00 , same issue, they offered $14.00 refund and said I could keep the dresses. I explained they don't fit and still wanted to return them. Then they offered $35.00 otherwise I could return them to Dubai at my cost for shipping. I replied that the order came from Markham, Ontario and would return to the same address. It is impossible to deal with this type of online business, very aggravating and they are taking advantage of the customers. I will take this up with my credit card company and try to recall the funds.

  11. DISAPPOINTED/AGGRAVATED!!! I also ordered from this company. I received an email with tracking for my items, however, when clicking on tracking the item sat for over 3 weeks before being picked up by a mail carrier which was not identified (usps, fed ex, ups, etc.) When i reached out via email after sending a request daily I received the standard email your item has shipped. I did receive the items, 2 do not fit, I used their size chart. For over a week now no one will respond with return information when emailing them at service@ryabe.com. I WILL NEVER ORDER OR RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! Note: ITEMS ARE CUTE, QUALITY IS TERRIBLE

  12. I ordered 3 items for a total of $110.17 and they were nothing like what I ordered, i.e. sweaters were actually T-shirts. Tried to return them and was only offered $21 and we keep the items. We refused and then they offered $35 and we keep the items, then they offered $50 and we keep the items and said that we could not send them back because they were in Dubai. I turned it over to my credit card company. This outfit is some sort of scam, do not buy from them.

  13. If only I had found this, never realized had to go to customer service I went to web site, so I too, am one that was scammed. How can Facebook get away with this. These companies are lying about being made in USA. The fabric is horrible and fit is terrible.

  14. Ryabe

    All of the above names are on FB and say they are made in South Carolina. Steer clear.

    1. That is an excellent question! I'm just now seeing these comments because my order is very late in arriving. Now, I'm sick that I spent money on something FB advertised a lot.

  15. How do they get away with advertising (Made in the USA? They declare they are made in South Carolina but in their shipping info,
    Due to high demand and the ongoing issues related to Covid-19, all shipment to Canada and the U.S are delayed . As of now, we are unfortunately seeing a delay in all over-sea shipments. All packages will arrive but it will take a longer time. If you have any further questions regard to shipping delay, please contact customer support for refund or other alternatives.
    Is this legal?

  16. The items I ordered from Ryabe are nothing like the descriptions and it took a month to receive them. I wanted to return the items, they suggested I keep them and the would credit my account $12.00. My delivery charge for the items was 14.99 for a dress and a top, totaling 89.87.
    I would not order from them again.

  17. Ryabe is a joke ! Do NOT buy anything from them! I ordered 2 dresses. $79.98. I thought very reasonable. Dresses arrived but were cut so poorly that the seams did not line up. On their site, returns are “EASY!” I attempted to contact for return information and I was offered $12 !!!! WHAT ???? After going back and forth with one rude email after another the offer finally became $55 is our final offer. Keep the dresses they said . And do what with them ??? Wash my car ? Put them in the dog beds ??? I was told that their returns would have to be mailed back to
    Dubai and at my expense and I would
    Only receive $55 no matter what. Hmmmm imagine how many people they do this to ? Absolute scam !!! Maybe you might get lucky and get something worth the aggravation, but this site made my stomach turn after I realized what a huge mistake I made giving them ANY personal information. I recommend you DO NOT buy anything from this company unless you don’t mind being made a fool of!

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