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Klynu Scam Or Genuine? Legitimate? Review
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In short, Klynu .com doesn’t seem to be a genuine online store. It looks like one of those online stores which may send either cheap quality or wrong item, or nothing at all. As per our analysis, the safety index for Klynu is: 45/100 (Below Average)

If you want to find out why Klynu seems suspicious, then this page offers a brief yet informative Klynu review to assist you in determining the reality of this online store.

This Klynu review was first published on 9 June 2022, and updated at 1 Sep 2023.

Website Highlights:

  • Domain name:
  • Website name: Klynu
  • Email:
  • Parent Company Name And Address: XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD, 145-157 ST.JOHN STREET, LONDON, ENGLAND, EC1V 4PW
  • Contact Phone Number: +447482875871
  • Product Categories Available On Its Website: fashion items like dresses, tops, two pieces sets, sweater, sweatshirts, etc.
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Green Camouflage Drawstring Cuffed Pants White Tunic 2-Piece Set, Orange Print 3/4 Sleeve Two Piece Set, Breezy Blue Plain Two Piece Set, Comfy Plain Short Sleeve, etc.

We have classified Klynu as a scam online store due to the following reasons:

  • Klynu states that its parent company, XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD, is located at 145-157 ST. JOHN STREET, LONDON, ENGLAND, EC1V 4PW, as mentioned on its Terms of Service and Contact Us pages.
  • Google Maps search reveals no evidence of any business named XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD or Klynu at this address or in the surrounding area. Instead, other businesses are located at this address or nearby.
  • Additionally, other problematic sites, like as Varyle, Krury, Anzyo, Kacline, Anliia, Rycula, Ceyey, etc. share the same parent company name.
  • In this review, we found XBP INTERNATIONAL LTD as the parent company and the address of the online store. However, please be aware that similar sites have changed their parent company name and address in the past.
  • Its email address, Klynu@raddmail .com, is not associated with its domain name. Problematic sites often provide such unrelated email addresses.
  • The Checkout page shows a fake McAfee trust seal logo, not a real one. This puts your sensitive information, including credit card details, at risk.
  • This online store claims to offer a wide range of products at heavily discounted rates. However, many scam sites use this tactic to lure people into their fraudulent schemes.
  • The product images on this site are not original, raising authenticity concerns. They may have copied them from other websites or are simply reselling products.
  • Additionally, we have noticed that the website theme and other details match with multiple problematic sites, further adding to our suspicions.
  • The Return/Exchange Policy of this website appears to be highly impractical for returning or exchanging items.
  • Consequently, retrieving the entire payment from these types of sites is incredibly challenging due to their perplexing terms and conditions.
  • Similar sites’ buyers faced poor support and slow deliveries, a concern here too. The site has numerous customer complaints on Trustpilot, BBB, etc.
Klynu complaints Klynu fake or real Klynu legit or fraud Klynu review | De Reviews

How to get a refund from scam online store?

  1. Contact the Seller: Contact the seller and explain the situation. Also, remain calm.
  2. Document Everything: Be sure to maintain detailed documentation of your order, including product details, all chats with seller, such as screenshots, emails, order confirmations, etc.
  3. For Non Delivery of Goods:
    • You should contact your bank or credit card company, so that you can ask them to help you to get a refund.
    • If you have paid using PayPal, then contact the PayPal support team and initiate a dispute to get a refund.
  4. For Delivery of Wrong or Cheap quality Goods:
    • Obtain a copy of the tracking information from the postal service, which should clearly display the delivery address and the item’s weight, likely lower than the weight of the item you originally ordered.
    • Many individuals who have furnished such details to their financial institution or PayPal have successfully obtained full refunds with their assistance. So, share all the evidence and details about receiving the wrong item with your bank, credit card company, or PayPal, whichever method you’ve used.
  5. Report to Authorities: Report the scam to relevant authorities, such as the Better Business BureauFBIFTC, etc. or your country’s consumer protection agency.
  6. Monitor Your Accounts: A close eye should be kept on your financial accounts to ensure that additional unauthorized charges are not made by the scammer. Therefore, passwords should be changed, and two-factor authentication should be enabled on your online accounts for added security.
  7. Consider Legal Action:
    • If all else fails or if the scam involves significant financial loss, then you may want to consult with a legal professional or consumer rights organization for advice on pursuing legal action against the scam online store.

However, the success of above-mentioned steps may depend on your location, payment method, and the policies of your credit card company or PayPal.

Our Final Verdict:

Based on the information provided above, it can be concluded that Klynu is a problematic online store.

Explore suspicious sites in our “Suspicious” category >HERE<, or learn about various scams in the “Scams” section >HERE<. Also, discover informative articles across different categories on our homepage >HERE<.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this company in the comments below. Furthermore, spread the word about this online store to your friends and family through your social media accounts to keep them informed.

Note: The review above is based on information available on the website as of the mentioned date. However, websites like these often change their names and content regularly. So, if you encounter different information in the future, that doesn’t make any difference and still indicates suspicious activity.

Klynu .com FAQs And Answers

Is Klynu a legitimate website for online shopping?

Determining the legitimacy of Klynu as an online shopping website proves challenging due to several red flags. These include copied product images and a troublesome return and exchange policy.

Furthermore, heavy discounts on the majority of listed products are claimed, which is a common tactic used by scam websites to attract unsuspecting customers.

Is it safe to shop on Klynu?

Based on the information from, it’s not recommended to shop on this online store. It seems suspicious with fake trust seals, unrealistic return policies, and a questionable parent company.

Thorough research should be done, and caution should be exercised when shopping on any unfamiliar online store

What should I do if I have already made a purchase on a suspicious site?

If you’ve already made a purchase and suspect the website might be a scam, it’s vital to monitor your credit card statements. Immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Good Luck!

77 thoughts on “Klynu Scam Or Genuine? Legitimate? Review
2 (1)

  1. I ordered from them 2 items. They advertised as “made in South Carolina, US” and “free returns”.
    One of the items (shirt) was OK, so-so quality and runs small, but my daughter kept it. The other (dress) was just horrible. Fabric, sizing, fit, everything was just AWFUL. Ugly parody of the picture on their website. I contacted them for return . Had the same experience as everybody who left comments here: asked to return to Hong Kong(!) at my expense, offered $10 to keep it, then $20..I opened a dispute with my credit card (American Express) and got my money back for WHOLE order.

  2. I ordered a top from them and was nothing like I expected. I tried to return but there was no address I sent them severs emails but no response I called my credit card co but there is nothing they can do

  3. My scam order was from a company called Voorps. Has anyone had issues with the credit card they used for ordering? Guess I should cancel the card just in case.

    1. De Roka -

      Yes, it’s better you cancel the credit card. Thanks for letting us know about Voorps. We will soon post its review.

  4. I ordered from a website that said they are in SC. Klynu .com is NOT is SC and the clothing is not USA made. The company is in Dubai with a tertiary shipping company in SC and I would be surprised as the website states the clothing is “made” in SC. The clothing I am returning is no quality outfits at all nor do they fit right. When I went to return the clothing, BTW “easy return policy” as stated on their website, I could not add the link here, per site’s rules.
    They first offered me a $10.00 credit to keep the goods, they continued to negotiate and then offered $50.00 on a $137.00 original order. One item they did credit as it did not show up. I found an address for their “shell ” in SC and asked to ship the goods back there. They told me I would need to ship it to Dubai at my expense. Furthermore, they are not available 24/7. This is a VERY dishonest company and buyer beware. I wish I had looked them up earlier prior to ordering from them.

    1. I had the exact same experience! They are offering less than half of what I paid or I can return my purchase to Dubi for a full refund. I have a feeling that the shipping is more than my return.

  5. I received my clothes and wanted a big size and t said I could keep my smaller size,and for 14.99 they would send me a larger size. Postage amount. They have clothes they sale that are plastic like Material. dONT BUY Be WARE.

  6. I should have known better but I liked the look of the dress. It came. Too small, even though my bust is 2″ smaller than the size stated for XXL. The coloring is off. The site where I ordered the dress says 30 day money guarantee. But when you go the return policy, it says if the sizing and the coloring is off, they will not take it back!

  7. Unfortunately I was scammed the same way the rest of the commenter were. I believed the MADE IN SOUTH CAROLINA statement and the full refund within 30 days.

    Package arrived with Chinese writing and no return address or paperwork inside. Fabric quality on each item was poor and fit not typical of the size ordered.

    I requested refund on same day as received. Email three days later offered $15 refund and keep the items. When I protested, the amount was increased to $36, or I could pay to ship to warehouse in Dubai.

    Frustrating, and I feel like a fool!

    1. Same !! Such liars. How can they get away with this. And Instagram and Facebook. Such scammers. Want to give me 46$ to keep the dresses worth

  8. Danette CHAMBERLIN Fulk

    Apparently I am in the same boat with everyone above. I have been emailing them and they offered the same damn thing! I wanted to do two exchanges for bigger sizes and one refund. They offered to keep everything and be paid $8. Now they keep responding with: garbled codes and once said this is our “Paypal”. I didn’t order via Paypal and they never sent any more info. like even a return label! I didn’t suspect anything until the receive time took over a month. That always means China! Feel very scammed!

  9. A good clue was when “made in South Carolina” arrived in a package from China with customs declarations! Can’t even give the junk away.

  10. They are just like all the other scam sites that sell women’s clothing for low prices. Especially their return policy. If you get a response to and email you’ll get something like “you can return the cloths but it will cost 75$ to return so it would be cheaper to keep the clothing.” Don’t be fooled by these sites. The cloths look good in the pictures but they don’t look that way when you get them. Easy to be tempted but buyer beware!

  11. Me too. All clothing is the same cheap polyester fabric just different patterns. Fit is off. Took forever to get them. Then Chinese writing on bags. They use the Made in the USA as a catch. Grrrrrrrrd

  12. Stay far away from this company. Complete scam. I ordered four dresses in my size . None of them fit. I have been given the run around for a week now trying to get a refund. They offered me $12 initially and after half a dozen emails they are now up to $60 but I paid over $100 for these items! They most definitely are not made in the United States and they want the return sent to Dubai! I told them I would be reporting them to Facebook unless I see a full refund. We shall see, but I don’t have high hopes.

  13. Bought a dress. Completely different material print and colors than the picture. Like everyone else $8 -$27 refund I eat $12 plus original shipping plus return shipping to Dubai. South Carolina made. Tag says made in China. Contacting my credit card company to reverse charges. Also reported them to the BBB and filed a complaint. Do not buy from this company or any other on FakeBook

  14. Never received the two dresses ordered from Klynu. Checked USPS tracking and there was no record of my tracking number. I contacted my credit card company.

  15. Scam, BEWARE!!! My advice is to not order from this company; they will not honor their satisfaction promise to refund if not satisfied. I’m a slim and average size person and yet the items I purchased were so off in size and when requested to get a return shipping label they refused and only offered to return a 1/3 of the money paid for their clothes. Why, because their clothes won’t fit the average person. Beware. Don’t purchase from them!!

  16. Ordered and received 3 tops. They arrived and were way too small even though I ordered an extra large. I tried to get a return label but just got the run around, Just like the other comments on this page. Called my credit card company and disputed the charge. First time I ever fell for an online ad, and definitely the last!!

  17. Whew. I came so close to ordering over $300 in mdse. I just had a 6th sense to double check as I had not seen this company previously, anywhere. It took me 2 days to find them again so I could do my, “Sherlock Holmes”, snooping. Some of you people have real horror stories. I’m so glad I didn’t get sucked in.

  18. Disgruntled Customer

    KLNY and all the other related companies mentioned above who show up on my FB page

    Trust me, not made in USA. Made in China and have the package to prove it. Shipping took 4 weeks into the U.S. Clothing is extremely poor quality. My dress was disproportionately tailored, it was unwearable. When I emailed customer service for a return address, I was offered a $8 refund and told to keep the dress. When I insisted I wanted to return for a full refund, they advised I would have to return the dress to Dubai on my dime, and give them a tracking number. Also, check out this website. All you need to know about this shady company. Save yourself some trouble, don’t order.

  19. I have the same complaint as the other people on this site, except I ordered three dresses. Too small and inferior quality. The ad pictures looked so good. No invoice; info on the shipping package lists an address near LAX, but it is only a company that does shipping for the Klynu. Yes, I got took along with the rest of you. I’m going to dispute the charge and hopefully the bank can help me.

  20. Yes, they have no phone number to call, I’m so disappointed. I give them my order number and they text back and say they have no record of the items. Scam….

  21. Do NOT order from kLYNU!! They say American made and are not!!! Customer service is horrible and from another country!! Disputing my $200 charge w my credit card company now!!! So sick today f these bogus sites!!!!

  22. I ordered 2 dresses from Volanio(?). I paid around $80 for them both. Did not fit me and I too got the runaround. They first offered me $12, then ended up at $34, which was at least better than nothing. Told me to keep the dresses, that shipping to Dubai was way more expensive than it was worth. At least they did tell me that much. Not happy and will never fall for it again. What gave it away??? Klynu has the exact 2 dresses I ordered for the same price as Volanio, so I knew it had to be basically the identical scam. All made in Carolina?? Give me a break………

  23. I wish I had read these comments earlier.
    I ordered two tops and a dress. They don’t look anything like the picture because the fabric is cheap. When I tried to return the items I received an offer of $20 and no need to return. I’m so sorry I ordered from this company and hope this letter is discouraging enough to convince others not to use this company

  24. Ordered two dresses for a total of $79.98. The material is cheesy and sizing dubious. Contacted the company for a return and was offered $12. Refused that and got offered $25. Told them I wanted to return the items and get full delivery. I feel stupid for getting caught again by a company representing themselves as a US company and once again it turns out they are Chinese owned. If I can not get a good response from them, I will go to my CC company, file a dispute, and tell myself to never ever buy clothes on line again!!

  25. This company has stolen my art and printed the image on a dress they’re offering for sale! Totally illegal – copyright infringement. I’ve had no response to the email I sent them requesting that they immediately cease & desist. Thieving, scam company! ?

    1. I ordered 3 dresses for my son’s wedding, very pretty and reasonable price, $130.97 total. Ordered on July 31,2022 and after many emails to their support departments received the dresses on 8/26/2022. None of them fit and poor workmanship. Emailed the support department about return and refund and their response was “sorry you were disappointed, would you like to exchange for a different size? I said no because the wedding was in 10 days and I figured I would not get them in time. I was told to keep the dresses and they would compensate $21. After refusing the compensation they offered $42 then $52 and a final offer of $75 and if I insisted on returning I would have to pay to ship to Dubai. What the hell, that is no where near South Carolina, USA. So after 2 1/2 months of arguing I agreed to the $75 and keep the dresses. This is a scam and a fraudulent business. I probably will never see the $75 but I know one thing I will never buy online unless I know the company and I will advise everyone “Don’t Order” from Klynu .com

  26. scam, my sister had this: ____
    do not order from Klynu Clothing, I am unable to tag them. They say that all of the clothes are made in South Carolina. I ordered two dresses and a top. They were too big so I asked to return. At first I was told to keep them and they offered me $15. Nope, Again I told them I wanted to return them for my full refund. Then they told me that they could offer me $40. Nope, again I asked to return for a full refund. this is what they sent me:
    Dear customer:
    I’m so sorry, the best we can offer is USD$55 and you can keep the item(s).
    If you still want to return, you have to know that you need to pay for the return postage.
    And our return address is in Dubai.
    Cause the shipping fee is high, we suggest you not to do so.

  27. Their ad on Facebook said the clothes were manufactured in North Carolina
    which is false. My package came 4 weeks later from China. Clothes were terribly sized and their claim of refund became a bargaining back and forth
    with “(How about $15 for your $83 purchase???? Then, $30. I stopped
    communicating at that point. Valuable lesson learned…..but Facebook and Pinterest should not allow their ads.

  28. When I saw the Chinese writing on my package, I didn’t open and trying to see about a refund—but it’s like other scam companies—it’s difficult to get to the screen and info to do so! Deceitful—not USA company! Democrats need to block China from business with us!

  29. Worst clothing ever. Descriptions are lies, size charts are lies. I’ve fallen for this crap too many times. Won’t order from any company that lists their items on Facebook. It’s a scam DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM

  30. They called themselves Nora Cora when I got hooked by them. Very fortunate for me I used PayPal so I did get my money back. Now, I leave comments about my experience on their ads. Wish facebook would stop their advertising.

  31. TOTALLY FRAUDULENT!! CHEAP material & Poor construction of garment- Ad said made in SC— but NOT TRUE—took forever…came from CHINA … TOtALLy different colors from what I ordered… can’t wear those colors—- NO CUSTOMER SERVICE-Going to DISPUTE with Credit Card Company— plus comments says they STEAL CC info- DON’T ORDER! !!!!

  32. Fell for it also! Won’t be duped again. Another name – Nora Cora. Cheap fabric, off sizes, refund of funds non existent!

  33. Same situation here. Ordered two dresses that are an awful fabric and d not fit. There is no return info listed in the package and everything says made in China. What a total scam. I’m sorry I fe3l for it, but apparently many others did too. Learned my lesson….

    1. Here’s the response I got from them after purchasing two tops at $78.00 and asking for a refund after receiving them. What a crock:
      The best we can offer is $20 now.
      Or you can return it to below address at your cost.
      Our return address is as follows:No 47, 107 Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai – UAE +852 81990571.
      As soon as we receive the order, we will refund you.Don’t forget to give us the tracking number, amount and number of returned items

  34. I agree with all of the above. I bought a $45 dress (my first clue!) which I needed to return. I emailed Customer Support to get a return number only to be told “Keep the dress and we can refund you $9.” I explained I wanted a full refund and during the day the offer went up to $13, and then to $17 the to $23. The y finally said to return it to their Dubai warehouse and, ONLY when it it received, would they credit me. My VISA charge was already reimbursed to me as a dispute and their bank notified. Stay away!!!

    1. I don’t understand how Dr’s who post online or FB provide healthcare information for persons to decide for themselves regarding healthcare issues, who post well researched information, Are being be banned from sites like FB, etc. . While these blatantly lying, cheating dishonest sites never get shut down. And if they do, resurface again under a false name.
      Talk about being ‘Railroaded” by large corporations?

    2. I am having the exact same problem… what did you tell your bank when filing for fraud? I am not sure since I gave authorization for the order if they will refund me?

    3. Disgruntled Customer

      I had the very same experience. Return faulty merchandise to Dubai on my dime with tracking number or you can keep the utterly unacceptable dress with a $8 refund. Also, contacted my credit card company for a refund.

  35. There should be no doubt about the inauthenticity of this site. After multiple emails attempting to get a refund for items, I was told I could accept $12 refund for items valued at $75 and then with a further complaint, that I could receive $30 for a refund and it was not worth returning the package because it would have to be shipped back to Dubai and that is too expensive
    They claim to be a company in South Carolina. But their packaging with the items came from China. They claim to be a U.S. company but cannot accept returns because their offices are in Dubai. This is a completely bogus company. The items Ordered would only have fit a woman 6′ tall with very narrow shoulders and a bottom 4 feet wide! They are designed to rip you off in the first place. I ordered because you rated them “suspicious” but they are in fact TOTALLY FRADULENT.

    1. Same thing happened to me. Now I have several weirdly fitting items that I’m hesitant to pass along, even as a charity donation, though I probably will.

  36. I ordered a dress from KLYNU. I was impressed that they made their dresses in Indiana, Georgia and South Carolina and the picture was lovely. When it arrived it was nothing like the picture. I requested a return and received this message back………..
    “The best we can compensate is $22, can you kindly keep the item(s)? Our received warehouse is in Dubai. The shipping cots are too high to be worth the reward. If you insist on returning, you must pay the freight by yourself.

  37. I ordered 3 dresses on June 18 and was charged right away. It’s July 13 and I have yet to receive them. I’m going to contact my cc company if I don’t receive in the next week.

  38. This company is a joke. I got taken again ! Only because they said they were shipping from the US. Lies. Terrible fabric. Cheap. Awful fit. Difficult to return. Still in process! Buyer beware. Don’t do it

  39. They say to contact service@Klynu .com but there is no such site. I ordered 2 dresses for I’m them and was very careful about the numbers. When the total rang up it was way too high. I looked at it and they had doubled it to 4 with no way to contact them. I quickly figured out it was a scam and called my bank so they would not pay it. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!! They have in there page that garments were made in South Carolina. Then I started looking on down on Facebook and there are many different company names offering the exact same products also with no way to contact them!

  40. Seems like every single Facebook ad is like this one. I bought a shirt a few years back and got wise. I never buy from these sites. Most are based in China and are designed to rip you off. They must be successful because they keep on advertising. The US government used to do something about scams. I guess they can’t keep up anymore.

  41. Well, I’m stuck with two very cheap looking dresses that I’ll never wear and I have no way to return them.

  42. Agreed, I bought 2 dresses, one was too large and one too small but both labeled the same size.
    The package arrived with no return address or packing slip so how do I return?…that’s the dilemma!!

  43. Yes. They are frauds. They are not made stateside. I should have know better. I didn’t investigate far enough. The 2 dresses I ordered came in plastic bags with a “made in China” label on each bag. The material is not as described. It is thin and flimsy and almost see-through. Very cheaply made.

  44. This company claims to make clothes in the USA, but it doesn’t because I was charged an import tax after my payment was made. They also claim shipment within 7-14 days. I have been waiting a month now with no clothes and the tracking number I was given is not valid per USPS after they sent me a tracking number.

  45. on my site it list the parent being located in South Carolina, USA. Lots of the styles are like other sites that sell substandard fabric and craftmenship. The only difference I see is it post sizes that appear to be legit for US sizing. I wear a large but on the other sites I would need to order a 3or4 X to get the fit of a US Large. I want be ordering anything from this site because I’m afraid it will be the same as the others and the prices are more at this site. Too bad because the styles are really cute and I would pay much more if the material and sewing was up to par.

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