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Rugerc Scam Or Genuine? Legit? Rugerc Review
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In short, Rugerc is a scam online store which may send either cheap quality or wrong item, or nothing at all to its customers. As per our analysis, the safety index for Rugerc .com is: 10/100 (SCAM).

Now you may want to find out why is Rugerc a scam, right? Well then, this page provides a concise and informative Rugerc review including how to get refund from it.

Website Highlights

  • Domain name: Rugerc
  • Website name: Rugerc
  • Email: support@ricardoy .com
  • Parent Company Name And Address: NOVVA LIMITED, FLAT 1512, 15/F, LUCKY CENTRE, NO. 165-171, WAN CHAI ROAD, WAN CHAI, HONG KONG
  • Products Listed On Its Website: Reveal Green | 40mm, No More Hope T-Shirt, Reveal Steel Mesh | 40mm, Witherspoon Navy, Reveal Black | 33mm, Playmat – Lord of the Flames, Air Nomad T-Shirt, etc.

We have classified Rugerc as a scam online store due to the following reasons:

  • Rugerc has listed lots of products at unrealistically heavy discount rates, as appears on multiple scam sites.
  • Rugerc hasn’t provided its contact phone number.
  • NOVVA LIMITED, which is its parent company, is linked with multiple scam sites such as Lientoiy, Careeroblige, Oycemily, Yuntruny, Pearllessonca, etc.
  • It may provide another parent company name in the future since lots of similar kinds of problematic sites are doing so. That’s why it’s better don’t be confused if you find any other parent company name in this online store in the future.
  • There is not any social media icon linking to its official social media page on its website.
  • Its whole website content is a copy-paste of multiple scam sites.
  • Lots of complaints can be found against similar kinds of sites.

How to get a refund from scam online store?

  1. Contact the Seller: Contact the seller and explain the situation. Also, remain calm.
  2. Document Everything: Be sure to maintain detailed documentation of your order, including product details, all chats with seller, such as screenshots, emails, order confirmations, etc.
  3. For Non Delivery of Goods:
    • You should contact your bank or credit card company, so that you can ask them to help you to get a refund.
    • If you have paid using PayPal, then contact the PayPal support team and initiate a dispute to get a refund.
  4. For Delivery of Wrong or Cheap quality Goods:
    • Please acquire the postal service’s tracking information, displaying the delivery address and the item’s weight, which may be lower than the weight of your original order.
    • Share evidence and details of receiving the wrong item with your bank, credit card company, or PayPal, as many have successfully obtained full refunds this way.
  5. Report to Authorities: Report the scam to relevant authorities, such as the Better Business BureauFBIFTC, etc. or your country’s consumer protection agency.
  6. Monitor Your Accounts: A close eye should be kept on your financial accounts to ensure that additional unauthorized charges are not made by the scammer. Therefore, passwords should be changed, and two-factor authentication should be enabled on your online accounts for added security.
  7. Consider Legal Action:
    • If all else fails or if the scam involves significant financial loss, then you may want to consult with a legal professional or consumer rights organization for advice on pursuing legal action against the scam online store.

However, the success of above-mentioned steps may depend on your location, payment method, and the policies of your credit card company or PayPal.

Final Verdict

Having conducted a comprehensive review of the provided information, it is evident that Rugerc is appropriately classified as a scam website.

Explore suspicious sites in our “Suspicious” category >HERE<, or learn about various scams in the “Scams” section >HERE<. Also, discover informative articles across different categories on our homepage >HERE<.

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this company in the comments below. Furthermore, spread the word about this online store to your friends and family through your social media accounts to keep them informed.

Note: The review above is based on information available on the website as of the mentioned date. However, websites like these often change their names and content regularly. So, if you encounter different information in the future, that doesn’t make any difference and still indicates suspicious activity.

FAQs related to Rugerc:

Is Rugerc a legitimate online store?

It is considered suspicious due to several factors, including significant product discounts and similarities with known problematic websites.

Is there any advice for dealing with such suspicious websites?

It’s advisable to exercise caution when dealing with online stores that appear suspicious. First and foremost, conduct thorough research on the website. Furthermore, consult reviews from reputable sources, and refrain from making purchases if you have doubts about its legitimacy.

Can website details change over time?

Indeed, websites of this nature often undergo name and content changes. Therefore, the review is based on the information accessible on the website as of the mentioned date.

Good Luck!

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