4 thoughts on “Outsiden.Club Review: Legit? Outsiden Scam

  1. Ordered a ClicGear 4.0 push cart for $59.99, but received 5 black face masks, instead. Wanted to deduct cost of face masks. I refused, so PayPal demanded I mail back the masks first. It cost over $30 to mail back to China. So PayPal let me lose my $59.99, closed the dispute, & I am out my money! Do not order from this scam website!

  2. I did the same thing, I ordered 2 golf push carts and were sent masks. Now they tell me they want a $20 handling fee. For what? F ing up my order. Lying jerks!

  3. Same as Ken. ha ha ha. Knew it was sketchy going in. Buddy at work got the same thing. PayPal won't do a damn thing for me, so don't rely on them. I ended up closing my PayPal account after the way they mis-handled it.

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