8 thoughts on “Mairanbe.com Review: Legit? Mairanbe Scam

  1. MAIRANBE.COM is one of the biggest scams I've ever run across on the internet in that they have so many affiliated websites, ALL of which are scams. And although there are negative reports and reviews all over the internet describing their many methods of scamming, no one has yet shut them down. Unforgivable.
    In my case the scam was pretty unique: they charged my VISA card $69.99 for a phantom "webcam" order that I canceled within 24 hours and actually got a confirmation email from them that my order had indeed been cancelled. But the charge showed up on my credit card immediately the next day anyway and was not credited back at any point by Mairanbe. And, of course, I received no response to my further email inquiries.
    But here's the kicker: I easily convinced my VISA card to credit back and delete that $69.99 charge because when you looked at the details of the charge on my credit card, the charging vendor for this "Home Furnishings" purchase was listed as "LSCLTD" (not Mairanbe or anything similar) and (here's the real shocker) the contact phone number for this LSCLTD outfit was listed as (312) 332-6300---which is the main phone number of a law firm in downtown Chicago, IL by the name of Levin Schreder & Carey Ltd. (whose initials coincidentally match LSCLTD)! So as I told my credit card company, apparently a law firm in downtown Chicago is now selling Home Furnishings, including webcams, on the internet. Charge was reversed within a week. (I also called the law firm and submitted all the info regarding the fraudulent charge made in their name so they too could investigate the fraud.)

    Moral of the Story: Stay clear of Mairanbe.com and all their affiliated websites. Please give them a bad review on Yelp and as many other review sites as you can find on the internet, where you will find many others who beat you to it with their bad reviews on this crooked Chinese outfit.

    1. You can also spread the word by sharing this Mairanbe review through your social media accounts to warn your friends and families about Mairanbe.

  2. The people selling under the name "Mairanbe" have stolen $52.39 from me. In March 2020, I ordered a Logitech Internet Camera on line from Mairanbe, and paid via PayPal (Visa). I was given a tracking number. Many weeks later, I received a package with my tracking number on it. Inside were a few cheaply made face masks. I emailed mairanbe@outlook.com. I was told an error had been made by the shipping department, and the web cam I ordered would be shipped soon. I was given another tracking number in a link. That link was bogus.

  3. Total SCAM site. Ordered Ring products from them. Have waited several months and no my order stills says pending.

    Won't return emails or phone calls. Ordered from them because the US address and phone number. Just a front.

  4. Scam. Waited 3 weeks for a webcam and they send me sunglasses. $60 sunglasses. Disputing my claim now.

  5. It looks like I got scammed. Six (6) days & counting and my order is still being 'PROCESSED'. The contact phone number is a 'NON-WORKING' number. The supposed shipping period went from 3-4 to 10-20 days with first & only email reply. My second email to MAIRANBE.COM asked why such a long 'processed' time, and to reassure myself that I'm not being scammed. No reply, imagine that!!
    I'm contacting my bank asap. It seems you guys are spot-on regarding MAIRANBE.COM being a scam-site.

    1. Yes they are scammers..the address on the website is 1527 fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226 and that is not true they are based in china...the phone number on the website is a disconnected US number, and the email address on the website goes nowhere. and paypal wont give my money back for 2 months because they entered a china post tracking number that has not moved in weeks. SCAMMING PILES OF CRAP

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