MTFBWY meaning. What is MTFBWU or what is MTFBWY?

Here we are going to describe what  MTFBWY means or what MTFBWU means, a meaning of MTFBWY, an acronym of MTFBWY, a definition MTFBWY, an abbreviation of MTFBWY from which you will get to know the MTFBWY slang meaning, the MTFBWY definition, the MTFBWY acronym, the MTFBWY abbreviation and how this slang word MTFBWU or MTFBWY is used in our daily conversations.

Can you guess the meaning of MTFBWY or MTFBWU from the picture below? Well, now we think you have already known it. Though, let’s figure out the meaning of MTFBWY and MTFBWU as below.

What is MTFBWY For what does MTFBWY stand MTFBWU stands for what | De Reviews

So, then what is MTFBWY or MTFBWU? What does MTFBWY mean?

The slang word MTFBWU or MTFBWY stands for the short form of “May The Force Be With You”. MTFBWY is also written as MTFBWU but both have same meanings. Both these abbreviations are used while texting, chatting, messaging, emailing to wish good luck to someone or to say that “may the best things happen to you” or “best of luck” or “best wishes”. MTFBWU or MTFBWY is used to wish someone’s success and prosperity in which “force” means the natural power and strength to grant someone good fortunes.

How is MTFBWY used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word MTFBWY or MTFBWU is used in the conversations are:

A: I know you are brave enough to do that. MTFBWY!!!.

B: Thanks!!!


Daughter: Mom wish me luck, tomorrow is my final interview for a new job.

Mom: Ohhh!!! MTFBWY my girl.


A: I am trying hard to come out of this pain.

B: MTFBWU!!! Please let me know if I can help.

What do you think? Why did people start using abbreviate words in their conversations?

Today’s people feel more comfortable using the abbreviate words as they are easy to type in their devices like mobile, iPad, Laptop and so on. The new generation is getting more addicted to the internet and nothing seems possible without it to them. They spent most of their time on the internet for different purposes. So, these types of slang words are easy for them to type and understand in internet conversations. They also feel updated and trendy using these slang words.

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