Release The Kraken Meaning. What Release The Kraken Means? What Does Sidney Powell Mean by Release The Kraken?

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“Release The Kraken” phrase becomes popular when Sidney Powell uses this phrase in an interview on Fox. So, you must be here to know what did she mean by it, the definition of Release The Kraken. If so, then you are in the right place because here we are going to discuss Release The Kraken meaning.

So, then what is Release The Kraken?

It simply means revealing the dark truth, or revealing the big dark secret. Kraken is a legendary cephalopod-like sea monster of a gigantic size that terrorizes nearby sailors and believes to be strong and capable of destroying heavy and strong things like Boats and Ships. (Source: So, if someone saying they are going to Release The Kraken, then that means they are going to reveal some wrong-doing of someone which is making a huge impact. For example:-

  • OMG, she is with another man and still, her husband doesn't know about it. I think I should Release The Kraken.
  • He is playing a double game. We should Release The Kraken and show his real face to everyone.
  • There are lots of voter fraud conspiracy theories these days. But why don't they Release The Kraken if what they are saying is true?

So then, what does Sidney Powell mean when she said Release The Kraken in an interview on Fox?

Only she knows exactly what she means by saying Release The Kraken but we can guess a little bit. From our point of view, it looks like she wants to say that she will expose voter fraud and some people who participated in it by releasing some facts. However, not everyone believes her. Some people think she just wants to get media attention and bluffing around. Anyway, we should not go after such things unless proven by Court. Otherwise, only going after other’s saying gives no result at all and will just waste your valuable time. So, what do you think about it? Please feel free to share your opinion about it using the comment section below.

Well, now you got some idea about the phrase “Release The Kraken” from the above definition. So, if you want to say something about it, then please feel free to leave your comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Release The Kraken Meaning. What Release The Kraken Means? What Does Sidney Powell Mean by Release The Kraken?

  1. Here in Spokane the STA bus service uses the term release the Kraken with its source about me off Social Media: "Tik Toc" and one of the largest homeless agencies in NYC-BRC Bowery Resident Committee. I am recently back from NYC and homeless trying to get employment through the Social Security "PASS" program. The HMIS and CMIS system use federal tracking illegally to cook the books so single homeless adults cannot get beyond this situation as we are never ending recycling $$$$. These agencies use the IV-SPDAT evaluation and put everyone at a 9+ rating needing intensive support services permanently. Government funds dispensed are now reviewable as no one in supportive housing (PSA) gets the intensive services. It is now at the CHHS office and Spokane City Hall is trying to figure out how to get the attention of the previously homeless to see the need to work at least part time. The Housing First program is a bust as McDonald's, Zip Inn, and Taco Bell workers struggling at minimum wage watching the luxury life of the Spokane VOA and HOC empire wondering if holding on to fast food jobs is worth it. I slept on the streets in NYC as it was safer than the shelters. I was allowed to leave a message in a clear sandwich bag at Trump Towers at 59th and Columbus Circle; directed to enter the delivery door; about the SSA PASS employment program in the Red Book. I am originally from Libby Montana and in The Western News an article notes I had a rare aggressive cancer etc etc. Divorce is a medical fact with cancer in marriages over 25+ years and the time bomb of stress from cancer. I ended up homeless in time and without an addiction history and reporting to NYC City Hall and here in Spokane rumors fly everywhere even STA. Money to stop the homeless from working is an expensive campaign but worth the investments from VOA, HOC, BRC etc. Saw the expression Release the Kraken and looked it up a few months after my return to the West Coast. I am 61 years old, married once for 33 years, and able to work part time with my frontal lobe TBI from 2012 and a mental illness of a stress disorder. I have SSDI and some SSI (not enough work history for full SSDI) but had my bank card stolen, ID, and the usual problems the homeless deal with. My FCC call sign was "KA7TSL" for a background check of sorts and now am bed #71 at 318 S. Adams VOA Hope House transient shelter, Spokane, WA 99201. Have a day! OH yea have never heard the rumors for the Release the Kraken slogan. email is not responding back to me

  2. Just look at Joe Biden. The man’s a joke and a clown and half way demented. Any person who thinks he got 78 million votes legally is every bit as demented as slow joe. Sidney Powell is a straight shooter. Look at how she handled the Flynn case. She cares nothing about publicity. She tells the truth. I almost feel sorry for whoever she has in her sights. Actually no I don’t. They deserve everything that’s coming their way and a whole lot more.

    1. Amen! Very well said my friend! Say it AGAIN! It will be delicate delicacies indeed! Watching them getting their JUST DESSERTS. LITTLE PLAY ON WORDS THERE EVEN! We have Definitely had Our FILL of evil! The media will be served for their part! Voter ID and close watching is needed

  3. I believe all the fraud is coming out now and many will be arrested and sent to prison it will be proven Biden is a criminal and the Democrats that had anything to do with this farce will be arrested . My opinion ??

  4. I don't think Sydney Powell is the kind of person to just be looking for publicity. I think she means business! The hammer is about to fall.

  5. Kraken will be released anyways. 73 million do not trust the system anymore, 78 millions are waiting for the system to fix all problems and issues and 7 billion in other countries want the same system to solve their problems too ( even their climate).

    You don’t see the Kraken yet? See again...

  6. The media certainly refuse to cover any of the election fraud allegations. If roles were reversed, if Trump's side could be accused of these crimes, the media would be going beserk with it (you KNOW that!). 11 000 different allegations, many WITH sworn affidavits. If ignored these will come to haunt those who are being accused. Think of this: if Democrats believe that there was no meaningful fraud taking place, they would welcome recounts because it would confirm that the nation did indeed elect Biden, right?. Instead they are doing everything they can to prevent investigation, keeping Republicans away, denying them their right to be election observers, bullying whistle-blowers - they are actually ACTING GUILTY even when the evidence hasn't been tested in court yet. Sidney Powell is no fool. If she says she will release the Kraken it means that she will expose severe election crimes. The constant censorship just confirms that Leftists are purposely trying to cover up crimes and it will boomerang on them.

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