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So, what is Quiet Quitting, and what does it stand for?

Quiet Quitting is a slang term used to describe employees who do the least amount of work possible. They only do what is required in their job description and put in minimal effort. Even though the term "Quiet Quitting" might sound like quitting a job, it really means doing less work than expected.

It is important to understand that Quiet Quitting is not the same as actually quitting a job. Instead, it means not putting in the extra effort and only doing the bare minimum. This term is also referred to as "Soft Quitting" and is used in the same way to describe this type of behavior in the workplace. Essentially, it means not going above and beyond in your job duties and avoiding tasks that are not specifically listed in your job description.

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Synonyms of Quiet Quitting:

The possible synonyms or related terms that are similar to the slang term "Quiet Quitting" are as below:

  1. Soft Quitting
  2. Passive Quitting
  3. Slow Quitting
  4. Covert Quitting
  5. Underperforming
  6. Stealth Resignation
  7. Gentle Resignation
  8. Silent Resignation
  9. Discreet Resignation
  10. Slow Resignation
  11. Passive Resignation
  12. Subtle Resignation
  13. Minimal Effort Work
  14. Reduced Engagement
  15. Halfhearted Work
  16. Minimum Input Work
  17. Lackadaisical Work
  18. Nonchalant Work Ethic.
  19. Slacker Behavior
  20. Half-baked Work

How is Quiet Quitting used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word Quiet Quitting is used over the conversations are:

Example 1:

  • Person A: I don't understand why Melina never volunteers for extra assignments. It seems like she's not interested in advancing her career.
  • Person B: Maybe she's just quiet quitting. Some people just do the minimum and don't want to put in any extra effort.

Example 2:

  • Person A: I noticed that Jason doesn't seem to be putting in as much effort as he used to. Do you think he's going to quit?
  • Person B: No, I think he's just Quiet Quitting. He's doing the bare minimum to get by.

Example 3:

  • Person A: I heard that Janet hasn't been showing up to work on time lately. Do you think she's going to get fired?
  • Person B: No, she's probably just quietly quitting. She doesn't seem very motivated.

Example 4:

  • Person A: Why do you think Mike is always on his phone during work hours? Doesn't he know it's unprofessional?
  • Person B: He's probably just quietly quitting. He's not interested in his job anymore and doesn't care about his performance.

Example 5:

  • Person A: I don't understand why Tom never participates in team meetings. Doesn't he care about his job?
  • Person B: He's probably just quiet quitting. He's not interested in his job anymore and doesn't want to put in any extra effort.

Example 6:

  • Person A: I heard that Chris is leaving his job next month. Do you know why?
  • Person B: He's probably just quiet quitting. He's not interested in his job anymore and wants to move on to something else.

Example 7:

  • Person A: I noticed you haven't been staying late to finish your work lately. Are you okay?
  • Person B: Yeah, I've been quiet quitting. Just trying to maintain a better work-life balance.

Example 8:

  • Person A: Why did you stop coming to the weekly meetings?
  • Person B: To be honest, I've been quiet quitting. I don't find them very productive, and I'd rather focus on my actual work.

Example 9:

  • Person A: You haven't been taking initiative on any new projects. Do you not want to grow in your career?
  • Person B: I'm not interested in those projects, so I'm Quiet Quitting on them. I'm waiting for a better opportunity.

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