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Dorribo complaints Dorribo fake or real Dorribo legit or fraud | De Reviews

You must be here to find out either is a scam or a trustworthy company, whether you should purchase any item from this online store or not, right? If so, then your search ends here since through this Dorribo review, you are going to find out what is this online store in reality, either is a Dorribo fake or a real online store?

Dorribo complaints Dorribo fake or real Dorribo legit or fraud | De Reviews

Dorribo has the following drawbacks which make it a very suspicious website:-

# Lots of content provided on this website match with multiple scam and suspicious sites such as Topmori, Davverno, Hummery, BmxSupport, Peniitton, Calluccy, Evineu, Pungew, MgrSupport, GeminiGadgets, ExlSupport, Iruocu, Rinmuo, Shazale, Abunioo, Braidlyn, Dominue, Frenjup, Fufuow, Wewenu, Oklyno, etc.

# It hasn't provided its company's address and contact phone number. So, this makes it a very suspicious website.

# It hasn’t secured its website properly with security services like McAfee or Norton, etc. Instead, it has provided the fake trust seal logos of McAfee, VeriSign, etc. on some of its product detail pages. So, if you shop at this site, your personal and financial information might be stolen.

# Actually, you can find lots of online stores that haven't provided any contact information or have provided fake contact information such as Hummery, Braidlyn, Dominue, Fufuow, Wewenu, Oklyno, SjfbwSite, Oiuhi, Zoritz, LdcqkTop, Jeanszank, ROCVIPStore, Intexboatco, BestOfLucky, CarlotasStore, EgdnfSite, ZbnuliShop, Nitaam, KSWilliam, Geneetray, Nfdpiyyad, CharacterizeShop, Molalu, GemSwim, and so on.

Due to the reasons we have mentioned above, we can conclude that Dorribo is one of the scam websites.

If you want to say something about this company, then please feel free to place your comment below. Also feel free to share this review with your friends and families through your social media accounts to make them aware of this online store.

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These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on a huge discount or at a higher price, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

Good Luck !

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I am Suman Roka, also known as De Roka. I'm the Author, Editor, Researcher, and Founder of I've been working online since 2009. After falling into many scams myself, I finally learned to check and identify scams. So, since 2014, I'm not only checking scams for myself but also making people aware of those scams. My efforts have been acknowledged by GASA (Global Anti-Scam Alliance), which has listed as a member for its commitment to fight against scams. To find out more info about me, please check our About Us page.

38 thoughts on “ Review - Legit? Dorribo Scam

  1. miriam aleman
    Igot lucky, at that time, i was going to order the foldable rack, and i was interrupted, and
    i did not ordered it. Now i just remember and had it written, and was going to do it, and i
    found all this complaint saying that it is a scam. Now i know not to order anything that
    appears on F.B. they just get your money and dont send anything. No more buying from those advertisements on F.B. I leanrned my lesson.

  2. I paid for 2 folding racks in may and never received anything. I spent 65 dollars. I don’t know why these sites aren’t shut down. As we have all been scammed over and over

  3. Wish I would’ve known, I got scammed as well, how can Facebook allow them to advertise on their platform, I either need my foldable shelf or my money back, oh I’m so frustrated

  4. I was duped also by Dorribo. On April 24 I ordered
    A foldable storage bin for kitchen. I received an email from a place. Called multigulo on 4/26 informing me that that my order had been received . Again on May 5 informing me that order had. Been complete and shipped. To date I have not received anything. I have tried emailing to the same email that I received but no reply. They charged my account for two orders. I only placed one order. I am trying to work through my bank to get my money back but so far have not been able to get an contact with Dorribo or multigulo.


    1. Your situation sounds just like mine. I placed my order on March 15 and I still have not received anything but my money was also taken out from my account.

      1. You can try to get back your money by contacting your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. If you had paid via PayPal, open a dispute via your PayPal account, and contact the PayPal support team. Show them this review as a reference. Explain to them everything.

  5. It is very disapponited to read all this reviews. It happened the same to me. I want to make this opinios know by everybody in order to stop this fraud.

  6. I ordered foldable shelves . Never came, but I did receive two cheap "gold" rings from China that I never ordered. Scammed!

    1. See what i paid , nothing was sent. I need to get my money from this dubious site. Please any help from the house?

      Thanks for shopping with us
      Hi olubukola,

      We have finished processing your order.

      [Order #9560] (2021-12-07)
      Product Quantity Price
      Fabric Sofa Bed with Side Pocket - Blue 1 $35.95
      Fabric Sofa Bed with Side Pocket - Green 1 $35.95
      Foldable Modern Minimalist Sofa Bed
      PU Color:
      Navy Blue

      Linen Cloth Color:
      Sky Blue

      1 $40.95
      Subtotal: $112.85
      Shipping: $5.95 via Premium Shipping
      Payment method: Credit Card
      Total: $118.80

  7. Ordered a foldable rack 45 days ago. Nothing. Emails just bounce back! No notifications, no contacts. SCAM!!!

  8. I bought shelvingFrom this AdobeAnd that wasAlmost two months ago I have not received anyting no contact I don't have a number to contact them. It's makes me sick that they are able toDo this

  9. I guess after reading this and not receiving the item I got scammed also. .I ordered the shelve also which I had checked the site.

  10. I ordered a shelf in April and still haven't received trying to get my money back on my card.

      1. I have also ordered a shelve on March 21 and still not receive it. I received today a ring less 1 euro. It's a big scam.

  11. I got scam for 25 $35 I just ordered a foldable rack shelf rack to go up against the wall and I haven't received it I didn't get no receipt no nothing I'm very

  12. Placed an order in feb for bag. Not arrived yet. Web site no longer available. Scammed ....
    Don't order from them.

  13. ordered on january 30 and have never received order. No phone number to reach them. Yup I was scammed.

  14. I ordered a organizer shelf about 2 weeks ago a and I even left them a message where it said contact us but that was a few days ago and haven’t got a response I’m so made at these companies scamming people that k god I used a gift card but still it was $50 ?

  15. I’ve ordered 09/2020 and still have not received my shaver product from Dorribo company. They’re definitely a scam site.

  16. I placed an two weeks ago and have not received the item nor a response.

    I'm glad I read these reviews so I can contact my bank.

  17. I ordered 2 folding shelves and can't find out when they will be delivered. I recieved a call from my bank saying my account had a charge that was a lot more then the shelves cost. This site is a sham!

  18. I placed an order on the 22.2.21 and as of today 25.3.21 hve had no response to emails or anything. I am so angry and frustrated

  19. I placed an order on 1/13/21 and it is now 3/9/21 and still have not received my order or a response back. This is a scam and I have contacted my back and other places. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE IT IS A SCAM..

    1. Yes it is a scam I recently order something 179.00 worth of goods never got a receipt. Plus they took the money out if myccount before I could stop the my transaction. by this bogus company. Real ripeoff.never recieved my orders

  20. So where do we find the item offered on a legitimate site we can trust? These products obviously exist.

  21. I ordered a handbag on Dorribo a month ago. They debited me twice and I still have not got my purchase or had any contact from them. SUSPICIOUS!!!! I am sure I have been scammed.

  22. Many a thing we order through Facebook is fraud. I ordered combo of power bank & 64gd pen drive. Both came and neither is working. The pendrive cannot be used as nothing can be written on it

  23. I bought a premium 4d electric shaver in September 2020. The only message I got was after transaction went through and promised the order will be delivered in 3 to 6 weeks. I have been emailing and got no response. This is a scam!!!

  24. I purchased the Magic Folding Washing Machine in August? I'm still waiting for my order! They explained that shipping takes 3-6 weeks! Yeah, right it's been 4 months!! I have emailed them so many times they reply with the same auto-reply message! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!
    IT'S UNFORTUNATE THAT THESE TYPES OF ONLINE RETAILER GET AWAY WITH SCAMMING THERE CUSTOMERS! I also ordered this on FACEBOOK & according to what I saw in my search it had thumbs up for the store. No complaints! Well, they are absolutely wrong THEY ARE A RIP OFF ONLINE STORE!!

    1. I'm in the same boat as you. Ordered that laundry thing back in August. Hasn't come in, definitely took my $$ though. No luck in getting through to them.

  25. We were duped by Bought our grand daughter a neckless in July 2020 and she still has not received the neckless as of November 18, 2020. Bought this on Facebook and I am going to let them know I was scamed. Thank you for your information and I will also let Facebook know about you.

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