Reviews To Identify Scam or Legit Review: Legit? Oaklyno Scam or Genuine?

Oklyno, which is also known as Oaklyno, doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy online store. Does that mean it is a scam? Well, let’s find out either is an scam or genuine and what is in real through our Oklyno / Oaklyno review here.

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Oklyno has following drawbacks which makes it a very suspicious website:-

# It hasn't provided its company's address and contact phone number. So, this makes it a very suspicious website.

# Lots of content provided on its website match with multiple scam sites.

# Its contact email address ( is not a domain-specific one.

# It hasn’t secured its website properly with security services like McAfee or Norton, etc. Instead, it has provided the fake trust seal logos of McAfee, VeriSign, etc. on its some product detail pages. So, if you shop at this site, your personal and financial information might be stolen.

# These days multiple new online stores are claiming to sell various items on huge discount, but most of them are scams. So, it’s better to stay away from the new online stores or at least do some research before you purchase something from the new online stores because most of these new online stores don’t deliver the purchased items to their clients or, deliver completely different or very low-quality items. Some scam online stores even have charged the credit card of clients randomly without their consent. So, if you have ever purchased mistakenly from scam sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card information.

# Actually, these days you can find lots of online stores that haven't provided any contact information or have provided fake contact information such as SjfbwSite, Oiuhi, Zoritz, LdcqkTop, Jeanszank, ROCVIPStore, Intexboatco, BestOfLucky, CarlotasStore, EgdnfSite, ZbnuliShop, Nitaam, KSWilliam, Geneetray, Nfdpiyyad, CharacterizeShop, Molalu, and so on.

Based on all the above mentioned facts, it is concluded that Oklyno / Oaklyno is one of the suspicious websites.

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33 thoughts on “ Review: Legit? Oaklyno Scam or Genuine?

  1. I ordered 2 sofa beds for USD 97 last april but i never receive any package. They are definitely a scammer trying to steal people’s hard earned money.

  2. I did order the fence $95 US on September 2020, I am still waiting after a year, now PayPal has to be responsible, somebody has to do something no? ?

  3. I ordered a height-adjustable folding laptop table in April 2021, and it never arrived. I too received a bogus tracking number. It was only $35, so I took a chance. I was wary from the start but was willing to risk $35.oo. My rating is POOR.

  4. I ordered some product from this company in September 2020 I was given a shipping order also a Tracking Number. I'M STILL WAITING. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS BOGUS COMPANY AS THEY ARE JUST SCAMMERS. VERY ANGRY Donna Lowe Australia

  5. I ordered a foldable sofa 1 hour ago. It later clicked in my mind to probe the online trader after i received a dodgy order confirmation email with no tracking number. The other suspension came from 3 days order process they highlighted in the email. I knew immediately they dont have a reputable payment gateway, instead they capture and store credit card details on their databases then manually steal later. I quickly disabled online purchases on my banking app after realizing they are yet to use my credit card details.

  6. I placed an order for the faux fences in October 2020. I sent numerous emails checking the status of my order always with a response that they were working on it. I requested a refund which I never received. Suddenly I couldn’t get in touch with them at all. Shame on me for not looking into them prior to my order. They are definitely a scam taking peoples hard earned money and running with it. I have tried my best to let others know that they are not legitimate.

  7. Add me to the list of having been scammed. Ordered Faux fence in November 2020, no fence EVER received after SEVERAL attempts at a) contacting the company, b) contacting "support" website, and 3) following tracking number that went to nowhere. They should be shut down and the word spread as to what a scam operation they're running. But, buyer beware. I don't expect a "refund" from my credit card company or paypal as it was MY fault not to have checked the company out. But then again, I rarely do background checks on any on-line company or person that I've done business with, so perhaps I'll rethink contacting my bank or paypal! Just maddening. SHAME on the people involved in that company (as if they care...)

  8. I ordered 10 of these fence screens last October 2020, received a confirmation then nothing, No tracking numbers, no response to my emails. Scammed.

  9. I also purchased the Expandable Faux Privacy Fence on 11/7/20 and it is now 3/6/21 and I never received the product. There is no address or phone number listed, only an email. I have emailed them twice with no response so I am out $35!!

  10. I ordered the fence as well, it's March 3 2021 and I ordered 10/19/20. Have gotten the same reply from my emails to them. Got me for about $70

  11. I also ordered the expandable ivy fence. When I checked with their tracking number, it came to the port Dec the 2nd. We are now Feb 28 and still did not get any delivery. This store is a scam......don,t ever buy from them

  12. i ordered the expandable greenery fence in Sept 2020, its now February 2021 and no fence in sight. when i email them they keep sending me a reply saying its on its way.. They are scam company.

  13. I ordered the expandable gates with the Leafs ion Nov 6th 2020..
    Its now February 6th 2021
    No Deliery report..
    No Delivery....
    No response to I see these reveiws...
    SMH....They Got me for aprox.$146

  14. I ordered the faux fence too. I thought I was ordering from an Australian site at the time,
    so I won't be getting it then, ....I suppose trying to get money back will be futile???

    1. You should contact your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. If you had paid via PayPal, open a dispute via your PayPal account, and contact the PayPal support team. Show them this review as a reference. Explain to them everything.

      Good Luck!

  15. Oh no! Looks like we were all scammed with the same thing! I also bought the fencing and received 2 cheap bracelets in the mail that would be too small to even fit a baby! They are a scam, I wish someone would catch them. I am out $70...look how much they have received from just us! Hate thieves!!

    1. i also order the Green trestle back in Aug 2020 and sent many e-mails as well and no responce from them as well .

  16. I too have been duped by Oaklyno.
    I ordered 4 panels of the fence with leaves and forked out $69NZD and have not received anything. I ordered Oct 2020 and have been stupidly waiting for a tracking number which will never come 🙁
    I email them periodically and get the same generic email from them.

  17. I also ordered the green fence liners on 11/2/2020!!!! I had to contact them by email (no address or phone available). When I got a reply from them on 11/20/2030, I immediately realized that I had been scammed. It came back as a regularly email with NO company identifying information!!!

  18. This site is a scam. I order two faux grass screens and received two cheap bracelets instead. The "company" has not responded to my inquiries or requests for a refund.

  19. Have ordered the Oaklyno artificial green screening and received a tracking number. When go into this other says 34 days in transit and has been in Australia since 2nd December.No reply to my email enquiring about my package.Think I have been scammed. ?

    1. YES!!! Absolute SCAM!! I ordered 3 of these “fences” and got a $0.99 necklace in the mail. I kept checking the tracking number because it showed it was not scanned in and was supposedly sitting at post office, but wasn’t. The low quality little necklace I got in the mail was linked to the number and I’m out $50!!!

  20. I ordered a product a couple of months ago and it still has not arrived I am trying to get in touch with them but to no avail. I think this might be scam, money has gone through my account.

  21. I mailed the company requesting a size of their expandable garden fence (wood and ivy) ... no reply.
    It’s suspicious all on its own that there is a 70% sale on items yet no reference to size of the product anywhere.
    Don’t use them, I can 99% guarantee that it’s a scam

  22. I ordered a bamboo and ivy looking exoandable fence for privacy. It came a long time later and the size is about a foot by twi feet. I have no sales online purchase and pretty sure its a scam.

  23. I made an on line purchase from this company Oaklyno using PayPal .
    They accepted my order and then emailed me the purchase in writing .
    They promised to sent me a shipping tracking number within two hours.
    Have now not heard from them in five days after frequent requests. The transaction has gone through my bank.

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