What Is DNO? DNO Meaning. What DNO Means?

If you are looking for what does DNO mean, the meaning of DNO, the acronym of DNO, the definition of DNO, the abbreviation of DNO, then you are in the right place because here we are going to provide you the DNO slang meaning, the DNO definition, the DNO acronym, the DNO abbreviation as well as how this acronym DNO is used over the internet conversations.

So, then what is DNO? For what does DNO stand?

The slang word DNO stands for “Don’t Know” which is used in the internet conversations like chats, messages, posts, emails etc. to say “I don’t know or I am not sure”.

Define DNO. Meaning DNO. Definition DNO.

Another meaning of the slang DNO is “Dudes Night Out” which means boys/men’s chilling out with friends (only boys) on Saturday nights.

The abbreviation DNO also means “Dummy Number One” which means a super idiot or foolish person.

How is DNO used in the conversations?

Some of the examples of how the slang word DNO is used over the conversations are:

A: Are you sure about this?

B: DNO….


X: DNO why I trust her.

Y: Hmmm….SMH


Girl 1: So you gonna date him?

Girl 2: DNO….bit confused.


Boy 1: Are you serious?

Boy 2: Maybe………DNO.


Boy 1: Let’s plan a DNO next weekend!!!

Boy 2: Yeah dude….gonna be fun!!!


Wife: When’s your party honey?

Husband: Hey you’re not invited. It’s DNO.


A: I lost my ATM man!!!

B: You DNO.


Boy 1: I said no to her date offer dude.

Boy 2: Why? Such a DNO you are.

And so on.

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