What is Aurum Bank? Is Aurum Bank Scam or Legit?

Aurum Bank Scam or Legit Aurum Bank Complaints AurumBank reviews | De Reviews

Well if you are looking for Aurum Bank to be a legit or a scam company and searching Aurum Bank reviews for that, then let’s get to the straight answer, Aurum-Bank lies under a Ponzi scheme, so means it is absolutely a scam company. It is a fake bank pretending to be a real one to deceive people with their investment money. Now let’s dig into the AurumBank review in detail.

Aurum Bank Scam or Legit Aurum Bank Complaints AurumBank reviews | De Reviews

What is Aurum-Bank.com? Aurum Bank review.

It is neither a real bank as we cannot find any evidence of its registration as a bank in authorized regulatory body nor it has operating license as a bank or investment company. Its registration is from the UK Companies House as Aurum Financial Group Ltd. where any company can be registered by just paying 20 GBP without providing the actual address of the company. These types of Ponzi scheme companies simply provide virtual address which they can get from the companies providing virtual address services and can get the registration for the tax purpose. It is completely a scam company which does not provide the detail information about the owner or operator in their own website. And if you check the WHOIS details of this company, you will not find information about their owner or the operator. So, our question arises here why is this company hiding its owner’s details if it’s not a scam company? And no any companies hide their owner’s detail and registration address if they are legit.

What Aurum Bank claims to pay?

Unlike other Ponzi scheme, Aurum Bank is not only offering huge returns on investment but it is actually acting like a real bank so that its affiliates can be deceived with its Ponzi scheme and invest money in it. It offers upto 17% rate of return daily for 15 days or 6500% rate of return in 110 days and this multiply on and on. How can a real bank provide such a huge rate of return or are they allowed to pay such a huge rate of return? We have not provided any clue on how much they earn and how they earn to provide such a huge return to the investors. It’s simply doubtful that if it can earn so much return then why it does not take loan from any other cheaper sources than to provide people so much return? Have you ever heard or known any such real bank which have even paid so much return to the people? Now we need to think in which rate they lend (give loan) the money to pay 17% daily return. Which business can earn so much that anyone willing to borrow money from a bank in such a huge rate and even if have other better and cheaper options available in the market? This way, Aurum Bank is completely a fake bank and its long term sustainability is not possible. And its intention is exactly the same, earn money from you as long as it can in short period and run out of the pitch after that. This is what the Ponzi schemes are doing with the people. They are neither sustainable nor can stay away from legal issues if manage to run for little longer.

Besides, it is also unable to provide any evidence that it is the foreign currency exchange trader trading with stocks, cryptocurrency and other foreign currencies as it claims to be its source of income. So its claim is suspicious and it has only one source of income i.e. money invested by its affiliates. It just route the newly invested money to pay to its existing members.


In the beginning Aurum Bank will pay to its new affiliates to show it is actually paying to bring more affiliates in its website and can earn huge collective money from them in short span of time. But later it will stop paying and run away with your hard earned money, after all how long it can sustain with such a scam business modality? So we have listed this company under the "Scams" category and do not recommend you to join this site. Just stay away from this type of Ponzi schemes and save yourself.

So, now you get the real picture of Aurum-Bank.com through our Aurum-Bank review as above. However, if you still want to add or report something about Aurum Bank, then please feel free to use our comment section as below.

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